Coworking this Christmas on your own? How about dinner in the dunes?

Where are you planning to work from over Christmas?

What are you doing for Christmas? Want to get some work done but don’t want to be on your own? Turkey for one sucks right? Well… we will be cooking a chicken, no turkeys out here in the desert.  Baked in the traditional way, half an oil drum buried in a sand dune over looking a salt lake on Christmas day. What do you think?  If you can bring the mince pies, I have the custard and if every one brings a bottle of booze from Cairo we are good to go.

We have a few people staying already, a full dinner table in the dunes is the idea. If you like to cook, maybe we can make a Christmas pudding here or bring one with you.

What ever your culture’s Christmas dinner speciality is, bring it, or we YouTube it and make it. I want to make a video of the whole thing of what we create, no matter how it will be, will be fun.

So what do you think? We have a few limited spaces left. Christmas in an oasis that some say is where Moses started his journey to Israel from. The weather is great, and you can catch up on all that work you wanted to get done whilst your clients are leaving you alone.

We have hot springs, good internet and good company. Looking forward to raising a glass with you around the dinner table or um, will probably be a blanket as dune are not too flat 🙂

Join us for a coworking / coliving Christmas in the desert – don’t leave it to late.

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