Garbage City Cairo

The other part of town

Garbage City of Cairo is the name given to Manshiyat Naser a suburb of Cairo where a group of people known as the Zabbaleen spread out across Cairo each day collecting rubbish, bringing it back by donkey and cart to start an amazing process of recycling.

What makes it interesting is it is all done without the help of a single NGO or government official and is, according to reports, more effective than most NGO recycling project targets. It is an amazing site and can teach any recycling initiative a thing or two about making there project sustainable as the entire motivation for the task, is profit.

Guides are ‘encouraged’ not to go to this area for obvious reasons, we are there for not able to offer tours of this area… If you would like to visit this area with Duncan to see first hand whole families recycling thousands of tonnes of waste, please go to the Design your own tour of Cairo here and get a quote for your whole trip.

If your interested in really exploring this area and spending a few days getting to know the families and understanding how it all works, please let me know your thoughts.

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