Somewhere Different Terms & Conditoins

  • All bookings are not confirmed until we receive a 25% deposit. Once we receive this payment we confirm you booking with you. If you have a delay in making payment and the room is take by someone else, that’s the way it goes. So make sure you make your payment ASAP once we have approved your booking and not later. 
  • If you cancel your Somewhere Different booking for any reason the 25% deposit is not refundable as we have lost out on other bookings. If you have paid in full you will get a 75% refund unless you cancel less than 14 days before and you will have to pay the full amount. If the reason you cannot come and stay Somewhere Different is down to us for whatever reason, then you will be refunded 100%. 
  • We require full payment on the day or before you arrive at Somewhere Different in Egypt or the UK. If for any reason you choose to cancel or are advised to cancel, you should claim your cancellation on holiday insurance as we are classed as a hotel. We are happy to provide a receipt for your coworking coliving stay to cover any insurance claims. If you travel to Egypt or the UK with a large travel company you will find their terms and conditions are actually tighter than ours and you will often not get any refund from them as they state you need to claim all your holiday from your insurance.
  • We ask for proof that you are a working Digital Nomad and not a tourist before you arrive. This is because we expect you to be working in the day when staying Somewhere Different during the week.  If you come and disturb the other nomads staying and are on holiday only,  you will be asked to leave and refunded your booking fee minus your deposit. We also need to check you are not looking to rent a room as we do not rent rooms, we are a hotel. 
  • Check-in time is from 2:00 pm and check-out time is until 10:00 am.
  • No guests that are not included in your booking are allowed into the hotel at any time. This is for the safety of other guests who may have laptops on the desks etc.
  • No burning of candles, smoking or any type of fire anywhere in the building or your rooms ( or out of the window in your room) at any time.
  • We operate as a Hotel only. You cannot use the address for receiving any mail, doctors’ letters, applications for immigration, banking details, benefits etc of any kind. If we receive any mail for you that you have not agreed with us beforehand, you may well be asked to leave the hotel that day. Amazon, takeaways, coat from your mum (it happens) etc are all fine 🙂
  • You must provide on arrival proof of ID in the form of your passport or driving licence only if it has your full-time address on it. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed to check-in.
  • Hotel rules are pretty relaxed. The main things no noise in the coworking rooms in the day and quiet after 10.00 pm in the house. Go party on the beach or hot springs and quietly role in at 4.00 am no problem. Just no big partying in the house after 10.00 unless everyone is at the party and no one is trying to sleep for work the next day. 
  • Check-in time is from 2:00 pm and check-out time is until 10:00 am.
  • Guests will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the rooms caused by themselves, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible.
  • Somewhere Different is not responsible for your personal belongings and valuables like money, jewellery, laptop or any other valuables left by guests in the rooms.
  • Max – 3 months stay

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