Cost of Living in Egypt for Digital Nomads

It does not get much cheaper

Travelling in Egypt has always been “cheap”due to the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound to outside currencies. Then in 2016 the Egyptian pound was devalued by 50% making everything twice as cheap. There is inflation now because of the devaluation but if you look at the cost comparison link below, you can see Alexandria listed at no. 520 and is seen as one of the most cost effect cities in the world to stay in of of 536 on Numbeo. Siwa is down the road and cheaper!

Link to show the cost of living for Alexandra compared to the rest of the world on Numbeo. 

Apart of your Somewhere different membership the cost of living in Siwa is minimal As we have a fully fitted kitchen you can buy food at local prices and if you like dates and loves and extra virgin olive oil, you will be in heaven here is as literally grows on trees here.