Weather in Egypt in January

The weather in January is some of the best you will experience in Egypt. Just because it is the Sahara Desert and in Africa, you probably think it will be too hot still during the day. It’s winter here and so the summer heat has cooled and you can expect on average to be walking around in a T-shirt in 22 degrees during the day and a light fleece at night sitting around a fire. What’s great about the weather in Egypt in January is you can do lots of things without the worry of being too hot or having to put on sun cream all the time. We live in Siwaall winter and we never put any sun cream on and we never get burnt. Northern Egypt in January can be cool at night and it does rain, but not in Siwa ( expect in the video to the right where there was a freak rain in the night when everyone was sleeping out in the desert).

Below are the average high and low temperatures for Siwa, Alexandria and Cairo and Marsa Matruh in January. If you are thinking of coming to Egypt in January to stay in a coworking coliving house see our offering here.

Weather in Siwa in January


Weather in Siwa in January is very pleasant during the day, around 25 degrees and it never rains here ( except as I said above in the video shown above). The temperature drops after sunset and you will need a fleece if you’re not sitting around a fire. The days are always sunny and within a few hours of the sun rising it is warm, yet not hot and stifling. A perfect English spring day. Our Siwa Villa has heating and three fireplaces to keep you warm at night and a huge sun terrace for private sunbathing during the hot hours of the day. If the 25-degree weather and unspoiled desert is All inclusive holidays to Egypt of interest to you in January, have a look at our All inclusive holidays to Egypt for some ideas. The humidity levels in Siwa are low, around 40%, so when it’s hot, you don’t feel as hot as you would if you were at the same temperature on the beach. Some people are put off with the low temperatures at night when sleeping out in the Great Sand Sea, but as long as you have enough blankets and we keep the fire burning all night you can sleep around the campfire and stair up at the shooting stars all night. We have tents if you want, but most people say in the morning they preferred to sleep out under the stars and were perfectly warm with a couple of blankets and a woolly hat. After sleeping out we head straight to a hot spring called Bir Wahed where you soak in a hot spring staring out at the Great Sand Sea, not another person in sight.

Average temperature during the day in January is 23 – 25 degrees and a low of 8 to 10 degrees at night.

Weather in Alexandria in January

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Weather in Alexandria Most days are warm and sunny and a bit cold at night needing a fleece and long trousers. It does rain here and if your unlucky you can get caught in a downpour but it never gets really cold during the day and is normally T shift/sweat shirt weather. It can get windy in Alexandra in January and when it starts to rain you would like your fleece to be waterproof, but you can buy an umbrella any where in the market and 90% the weather in January is sunny so if you don’t have water proofs you’ll be OK. I have lived in Egypt for 7 years now and I don’t have a waterproof jacket in my wardrobe. A warm fleece and light clothes for during the day and you’ll be fine. Remember walking around the markets and non touristy areas you will stand out if your wearing shorts. Nobody wares shorts in Egypt unless they are a tourist.

Average temperature during the day in January is 19 degrees and a low of 10 degrees at night. The humidity is around 70%

Weather in Cairo in January

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Weather in Cairo Temperatures here are similar to Siwa but it does rain here and can be cloudy and require a fleece or jumper during the day, but its normally a nice English spring day and very pleasant needing just a T shirt during the warmest part of the day between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm. Remember only tourist where shorts, if you don’t mind looking like and being treated like a tourist this is fine, but if you want to blend into non touristy parts of the the Khala Khalili, keep to the rule of being covered below the elbow and knees. The more you cover up, the more you blend in.

Humidity is higher here than in Siwa around 50 to 60% so if your walking around during the day you might feel the heat a bit more than if your trekking out in the desert. People go on about the problem with pollution in Cairo. Unless it’s 30 degrees plus and ) wind, I find it’s not a problem. It would be a problem if you lived in Cairo but if your staying for a few days, its just not a problem. Once your out into the desert in Siwa and you’ve cleared your lungs of Cairo you won’t notice it.

Average temperature during the day in January is 20 degrees and a low of 9 degrees at night.

Weather in Marsa Matruh in January

See our six day, live weather forecast for Marsa Matruh on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Weather in Marsa Matruh The weather in Egypt and in particular Marsa Matruh is very pleasant in January. I did a road trip in 2010 along the northern coast looking for a beach location for Somewhere Different in January and the weather was just great. We swam in the sea, OK the sea was cold but you could do it and be dry in five minutes from the sun. The picture of the Bedouin Sheppards above was taken in January.The only down side of the prefect weather on the coast at this time of year is it can change at any time and become, not cold, but not warm and windy. It does rain enough in Marsa Matruh in January for people to grow crops without the use of irrigation channels like the ones used in Siwa, but don’t bother bringing a water proof, just sit it out in one of the many cafes in town or head for the nearest Bedouin house if it starts to rain and you’ll be offered cover until it it stops. The average temperature during the day in January is 18 degrees. The low temperature in Marsa Matruh in January is 8 degrees. The humidity is normally around 70%.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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