Eating and Drinking in Siwa - Staying in

Eating at home in the Siwa Villa

If you want to eat in but cannot be bothered to cook, we have put together a few menus with some of the local cook’s who will come into the villa and roast a whole lamp on the spit on the roof and prepare all of the salads and rice, so you can just sit and relax and be totally looked after and no washing up!

Roast chicken, lamb or goat are the easiest to organised. They are all serviced with an Egyptian salad of house, tahini, onions, and general salads that are currently available in Siwa Oasis.

Curios – Alcohol

Your favourite tipple not illegal in Egypt and is not illegal in Siwa however, it is socially unacceptable for Muslims to drink. People in Siwa do not mind you drinking alcohol as it is likely you are Christian and they know Christians do drink alcohol as part of their culture. What Siwan’s strongly object to is seeing people drink alcohol, or people under the influence of alcohol, pretty much the same as ‘smoking dope’ in the UK. Out of site is out of mind. So as long as you keep your G&T and cold beer consumption to inside the Siwa Villa, no one will have a problem with it and.. well no one will know anyway. Mohammad the house keeper has seen it all before and just cannot understand why any one would want to drink stuff that tastes horrible and makes you go mad. There are certain restaurants that are fine with you bringing alcohol and discreetly consuming it with your meal. We let you know which ones are OK with this when you arrive so bring your skiing hip flask if you can remember where it is;)

You can buy alcohol in Siwa but only in well out of the way places out of town and it is very very expensive. Supply and demand and all that. So the thing to do is get stocked up with any alcohol you wish to consume on your holiday in Alexandra or Cairo before you come down. Details off off licenses and even a wholesalers in Alexandra are provided to you if you need before you arrive but you can get all you need in the duty free when you arrive in Cairo Airport/

Easy Life

Take away’s – We have a ‘hotline’ telephone number to Abu’s desk in… Abu’s Restaurant were you can order pizza and cokes and have them delivered between 11.00 am till midnight seven days a week.

Fast Food – There are two places in town where you can get take away chips, falafel, and several spicy vegetable dishes that will feed 10 for lunch for ¬£1. There is one next to the ‘East West’ restaurant, this is easy to find but slightly more expensive than the other fast food place which is down the street next to the El – Kelany shop which has the large Pepsi sign above it.


Um… forget it basically.. stop at Carfour in Alex or Cairo on they way down if you really have the need. The El – Kelany shop has all you need but openly charges foreigner more for basics but it is the only place open late at night and first thing in the morning. If your not in a hurry, there is a much better, more traditional shop across the market sq near our own shop that sells everything you need all at local prices.

Cooking facilities

The kitchen is fully fitted with everything you would expect to find in your kitchen at home, except Mohammad, who does all the washing up. It has a five gas ring oven with a grill and oven below. There is a blender, chopping boards, knifes and plates and cutlery for 10 people.

Internet speeds in Egypt when staying in hostels, budget hotels and co working spaces vary, but in general they provide the cheapest package from there ISP to cover all guests even if that’s more than 50 people. The speeds vary from nothing to 2mbs. For simple browsing and the non critical Skype calls it is fine if you are working at non busy times of the day or Friday. But it’s not reliable. No one sees the need for back ups when the power goes down for lighting, let alone the internet.

We are in the process of contacting all co working spaces in Egypt to get a better idea of what is available here for digital nomads looking to work and travel in Egypt for a few months and will add the link here when it is done.

We have 10 mbs + & 3G back up here in Siwa.

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