Weather in Egypt

Weather in Egypt in July

The weather in Egypt in July can vary like the UK but is normally the hottest month along with August. Most adventure travelers avoid Egypt at this time of year, but because of the low humidity, as long as you stay out of the midday sun, you will have not that much of a problem with the weather, it’s like when in Rome… when in Egypt do as the Egyptians do and have a siesta in the afternoon and go out in the early morning and late evening when the temperatures are more than fine, they are really nice.

The only problem with this month is if you do get a heat wave like we did in 2007 all over Europe ( except the UK where it poured down) it can get very hot and uncomfortable. You have been warned! It is, normally in the low thirties and pleasant in the shade and early morning and evenings in the sunshine.

Weather in Siwa in July

See our six day, live weather forecast for Siwa on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Siwa I wrote this weather section for the first time in the middle of August 2006 in Siwa. I was here every day in July, and the weather was great and I am told by the locals it was a ‘normal’ July. The temperatures given for Siwa seem a lot higher that it feels. We have had several days when it has apparently been 40 degrees this year yet I felt far less uncomfortable than being in a humid 30 degree day in the UK.

Avoiding the mid day sun is must, it’s not like being in an oven.. it’s like being under the grill! That is the only down side, you really can’t do much in the sunshine in the heat of the day except relax and chill.. tuff one that. If you are looking to come to Egypt in July, we have a new desert tour that takes in the fact that you will want to be out of the mid day heat it’s called our 100% desert and dunes (summer) tour. You can now travel direct to Marsa Matruh via Gatwick and Manchester when the flights are running. They were fully booked before the revolution and had plans to expand the number of flighst through the summer, but they ahve not come back yet. We are hoping something will start again in 2013 now everything has settled down. When the flighst come in to Marsa Matruh they allow you to have a week of desert and swimming in hot springs with only a three hour connection from the airport.

If your a compulsive sun bather, you are guaranteed as much frying weather as you can handle. I will give you your money back if you do not manage to burn your skin to your chosen level;) I dread to think about the damage sunbathing could do to you here every day… but if that is what you want… you have as much as you can handle here.

Sun rise can be almost… slightly chilly and the temperature is pleasant till about 11.30am -1.00pm. After 1.00pm the sun is too hot, but if your in the shade, as they say here “no problem”. As long as you have arrived at where ever you are going for the day by 11.00am and stay in the shade for the afternoon you will not feel uncomfortable at all. The Siwa Villa has over a meter think walls in places and has proved to be very cool in the summer but as we are now running our new 100% desert and dunes (summer) tour from flights to Marsa Matruh we are fitting air conditioning to the Siwa Villa in March 2010.

One week in 2006 it was hotter in the UK July than it was in Siwa, so there you go! The evenings are perfect in July and sleeping out in the desert still requires a blanket to keep warm until the sun comes up.It does reach over 40 degrees here probably as much as it reaches 30 degrees in the UK… not often, but it does happen so if you really can’t handle the heat, stay out of the desert in July.

Average temperature during the day in July for Siwa is 32 -35 degrees and a low of 20 degrees at night, it really can vary.

Weather in Alexandria in July

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Alexandria is the place to be when the weather starts to get warm in Egypt as it is next to the sea and has that northern wind to keep it cool. The only problem is half the Emirates realise this as well and Alex turns into a Middle East version of Blackpool, it starts to be humid in Alexandria now but the nights are very cool for sleeping.

Average temperature during the day in June in Alexandria is 29 degrees and a low of 22 degrees at night.

Weather in Cairo in July

See our six day, live weather forecast for Cairo on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Cairo Climate in Cairo is similar to Siwa and can be hot and nice in July or sometime too hot, espeshally if there is no wind and the air hangs heavy with exhaust fumes… Most days are not too hot and are pleasant with evenings being pretty perfect with no extra layers required. Stay out of the mid day sun, not because of sun burn, but just the heat. the ozone layers is good here so a bit of sun cream on your arms and you’ll be fine for the whole day. Do not wear shorts in Cairo. It’s like walking around without any trousers on, or worse, your a tourist fresh off the bus. So a light pair of carki’s and a pair of leather shoes and you will be left well alone whilst the touts go for guy with shorts and white legs popping out of his new trainers bought for his holiday by his wife 🙂 The best disguise to go undercover in Cairo if you want to be completely left alone is simple, stick an Arabic newspaper under your arm and you will not hear English spoken to you all day.

Average temperature during the day in July In Cairo is 35 degrees and a low of 21 degrees at night.

Weather in Marsa Matruh in July

See our six day, live weather forecast for Marsa Matruh on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Weather in Marsa Matruh July is the time to go swimming in Marsa Matruh. It’s hot and sunny and the water is no warm and… half or Cairo is in there with you if your on the beaches in the town. If you want to really get away from it all but want Caribbean beaches and a cultural experience. Have a look at our all inclusive holidays we are now running in the summer for brits who have had enough of no sun and want as much as they can get when on holiday. This holiday is currently on hold as the flights have not started again after the revolution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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