Weather in Egypt in April

The weather in Egypt in April is often the best month of the year. It can vary like the UK and still be on the change but in general, the days are now much warmer than the winter months. Evenings are now warm and on most days it’s warm and sunny all day long. T-shirt and light trousers or skirt being the norm. You could wear shorts at this time of year and its perfectly Ok to wear not a lot when you’re out in the desert but when in Cairo and in the town in Siwa it is best to be covered from the below the elbows and knees. This is because it is a Muslim country and no one wears shorts unless they are tourists or a pretty young thing from Cairo who is out of town and wants to look like a tourist:) Women when swimming are recommended to wear a T-shirt but men ( remember I didn’t make up the rules) are OK to wear baggy swimming trunks. In general, April is very pleasant and one of the best months to visit Egypt and stay visit us here at the Siwa Villa. Anywhere in Europe, the weather can still be winter and warm sunny days are not guaranteed, the weather in Egypt in April is always sunny and warm.

Weather in Siwa in April

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Siwa Oasis in April is warm during the day, around 25 degrees and it never rains here. Suntan oil is now recommended during the day and carrying water with you when you go off to the springs or the high dunes. The temperature drops after sunset but will be a nice break from the heat of the day and you might even still need a second layer to keep you snug. The days are always sunny and within a few minutes of the sun rising it is T-shirt weather outside yet not hot and stifling. A perfect English summer’s day.

Average temperature during the day in Siwa in April is 23 -25 degrees and a low of 13 to 14 degrees at night.

Weather in Alexandria in April

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Alexandria most days are warm and sunny with no feeling of humidity and evenings are pleasant and T-shirt weather all the way. It does rain in Alexandria occasionally in April, but not for long. Walking in the markets at night in April is very pleasant as it is cool but not cold by any means. The midday sun can be quite strong in April and you may need to uses some sun cream if your peaky white and fresh from the UK or some other non-sunny country.

The average temperature during the day in April is 24 degrees and a low of 15 degrees at night.

Weather in Cairo in April

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Weather in Cairo Temperatures here is similar to Siwa and very good in April. There is still the odd chance of it raining here and can be cloudy but T shirt is in order for the whole day and the evenings are now warm as well. A light jacket or shawl may still be required for going out in the night in Cairo but not essential. The pyramids early in the morning are great in April as it is warm and the light is good for taking pictures. Walking around Cairo in the day can get a little hot in the mid-afternoon if your out in direct sunlight, so visiting the Khan El Khalili bazaar at this time of day is a good idea as a lot of the shops in the souk are covered and out of the sun. Early evening is a good time, as well as the temperature, is still warm jet not hot. The humidity is around 60 to 70% in Cairo in April.

The average temperature during the day in April is 28 degrees and a low of 14 degrees at night.

Weather in Marsa Matruh in April

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Weather in Marsa Matruh You can swim in the Mediterranean in April, but it’s still not warm – you still have the beach to yourself though. April is a great time for walking through the Bedouin villages along the coast and exploring the old way of life that still goes on even though they have all been forced to abandon their nomadic way of living in tents. The Bedouin way of life is similar to Siwa, very family orientated and based around farming figs, olives and dates. It still rains occasionally in April but the weather is now beginning to change to summer and is rather hot in the midday heat.

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