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Cairo Taxi’s are part of the experience of Cairo, the toot of the horn and the sudden sweep across five lanes for no apparent reason. Most of them are over 20 years old and the joke is, don’t hang on to the door to much when you go around the corner as you and the door may well carry on going straight;)

You should definitely flag down a Cairo taxi and enjoy the ride, and the haggling. But when you have been completely stressed out at work, run home and packed your bags and when you land at Cairo International Airport and have not slept properly for 24 hours, this is not at the forefront of you mind. If you want a reliable taxi service to meet you at the airport with a sign with your name and take you to you to a hassle free hotel please get in contact with us as we have booked many taxi’s for our guests over the last five years and have never missed a flight connection yet… well, we’ve had people who have missed their flight, but that’s another story.

There is a new law in Cairo, its goes something like this, if you hand in your old taxi in the next year, ‘they’ give you a good deal on a new taxi with a very good, working meter and then let you keep your licence. The new taxi’s are white and they all have working meters in them. The meters are great, you can go across town for under 5 EGP, just make sure the meter is on and when they say its broken, get in another white cab. Real simple.


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