Siwa Villa from the outside

Siwa Villa is completely surrounded by the old town of Siwa.

The dictionary explanation for the word ‘Villa’ is ‘A large house and gardens with a focus on leisure and relaxing’, there is no mention of what a villa is made of – so technically it is a villa, but I bet you’ve never stayed in a villa made of mud before.

Up on the roof

The villa covers 130 square meters, providing a large amount of living space for up to ten people. Up on the roof there is also an open 130 square meters space for co working space in the day and relaxing in the evening.

Fire pit

If having dinner in doors is to ‘easy life’ for you. Go buy a whole lamb in the town ( they love peoples impersonations of a lamb when ordering) and roast it on the roof whilst everyone sits around the fire building their appetite. Why should you do this??? Simple.. because you can! However if sourcing a lamb is a bit too much, you can cheat and telephone a desert chef we know will come and cook the whole thing for you and serve everyone before leaving with no washing up in site.

Garden terrace

This area in the Villa is a quite ‘sun free’ area away from the world and is cool in the evenings and most of the day. The roof is local bamboo held up by olive branches.

To the front of the Siwa Villa

There is an area for parking for up to two jeeps in the front of the villa if needed. There are donkey stables across the road from the villa if you arrive on one and need a stable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]