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Weather in Egypt in June

The weather in Egypt in June can vary like the UK and be the hottest month of the year or still be relatively mild, but in general June is very pleasant out of the mid day sun and a good month to visit Egypt if you like sun, sun and more sun. The temperature at night in Siwa is around 20 degrees so you can sleep out under the stars in the dunes and not get cold. It never rains in June and your guaranteed hot sunny days every day unlike anywhere else on the Mediterranean in June. Between 12.00 lunch time and 5.00pm it is best to be out of the direct sun as can be very hot and too hot to go exploring or to ride a bike around town, but you can go swimming in the many springs that are covered in shade by palm trees at this time or go for a siesta and party late into the evening.

Below are the high and low temperatures for Siwa, Alexandria and Cairo and Marsa Matruh as they vary in each place.

Weather in Siwa in June

See our six day, live weather forecast for Siwa on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Siwa in June is warm during the day around 30 degrees and it never rains here. Sun tan oil is now recommended during the day and carrying water with you when your out exploring in the desert. The temperature drops after sunset and is perfect T shirt weather and for skinny dipping in the swimming pool on the edge of the desert under the stars. The days are always sunny and every night is a start gazing night in Siwa except when the moon is out and you can see the shadows of the huge dunes stretch across the desert ort go for one of our night walks out in the desert under a full moon.

Average temperature during the day in June for Siwa is 28 -32 degrees and a low of 18 to 20 degrees at night, it really can vary.

Weather in Alexandria in June

See our six day, live weather forecast for Alexandria on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Alexandria is the place to be when the weather starts to get warm in Egypt as it is next to the sea and has that northern wind to keep it cool. It starts to be humid in Alexandria now but the nights are very cool for sleeping school holidays start around the 15th of June so if your going to Alexandria be ready to be swamped by school kids. Its worth a day or two’s visit but we don’t take our guests to Alexandria as we feel the desert and the coast along the Mediterranean between Marsa Matruh and Sollum is far more interesting and less crowed for sure. It’s T shirt weather all the way and sun scream and floppy hats for kids.

Average temperature during the day in June in Alexandria is 28 degrees and a low of 20 degrees at night.

Weather in Cairo in June

See our six day, live weather forecast for Cairo on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Cairo Climate in Cairo is similar to Siwa and can be hot and the pollution heavy in the air in June or still mild.There is no pollution in Siwa on teh other hand. Siwa has some of the cleanest air on the planet due to the filteirng effect of the sands the air is carried over for hundreds of kilometers. Most days are not very hot and are pleasant with evenings being pretty perfect with no extra layers required If the air is still and there is a bit of heat wave on, Cairo can be quite unpleasant during the day, but this is not all the time and as long as you stay out of the direct sun between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm you will be fine. The evenings are great for walking around the streets taking it all in and sharing a juice or two, or beer or two depending where you are and who your with. I have been in Cairo several times in June and, yes it is hot, but as long as the mid day sun is avoided it’s fine and not as bad as people would think.

Average temperature during the day in June in Cairo is 34 degrees and a low of 20 degrees at night.

Weather in Marsa Matruh in June

See our six day, live weather forecast for Marsa Matruh on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Weather in Marsa Matruh in June is great, the swimming is great and as long as your not in the town and away from the hotels your likely to have the beach to yourself. The water is crystal clear and the weather in Egypt in general in June makes the place a great place to visit if you want a hot beach holiday mixed in with a bit of Bedouin culture and Egyptian desert trekking. It never never rains in June and where else on the Mediterranean can you say that about the weather in June. If you’d like to visit us here at Somewhere Different in the desert in Siwa and be taken around Marsa Matruh and the surrounding beaches, have a look at our all inclusive holidays for the summer here.

Average temperature during the day in Marsa Matruh in June is 27 degrees and 20 degrees at night.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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