Sidi Barrani

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Sidi Barrani was a sleepy fishing village on the north coast of Egypt. Due to the beach being owned by the army, there are no beach hotels here and so life has not changed much since the second world war. The Egyptian revolution did not really affect Sidi Barrani, but when they started to bomb Libya, everything changed. The two revolutions in 2011 have had an effect on the whole are and the Bedouins refugees from Libya are still here. But apart from that, not a lot has happened since the ‘Pendulum of War’ when Rommel and Monte fought it out, back and forth for 8 months along this coast. It is the last remaining wilderness of Egypt, unaffected by tourism and not no highly populated like the Nile. if you want to visit this area, let us know and we can help you arrange a trip in the area.

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