Qara Oasis - Western Desert - Egypt

Is it fast enough for my needs?

If coming to Siwa Oasis is not enough of an adventure for you, let us take you to Qara Oasis. You will be one of a handful of visitors they receive each year. It’s a big occasion and one you won’t forget. Within a day of being in Siwa you will know people, and people will know you. While some of the handshakes received will be from people looking to sell their wares, you will also meet people in the street, the olive farmer, who is after nothing from you but your time to share a cup of tea. To experience the Siwa you came to see, get out of the market square, walk into the gardens, meet the real people and be rewarded with genuine hospitality and some great scenery. Siwa is the laid-back oasis you have heard about, it’s just a little further away from the market square than it used to be. Siwa is changing, but it still has the Berber slow pace of life. There is a huge amount of history in Siwa, yet few in Siwa know their own past due to there being no documents or books from the past. Most of the history of Siwa is documented from other cultures, mainly Greek and of course from Alexandria the Great who came to visit Siwa in 331 to confirm he was the son of God in the Orical, one of seven in the world.

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