In an hour's drive of Siwa

Lots to see and do in Siwa

Great Sand Sea

It’s the big one. They start just outside town and keep going for 400km. A trip into the sand sea is a must for any visit to Siwa.

Seven secrets of Siwa

There are seven interesting antiquity monuments in Siwa worth seeing, all within a few minutes drive or donkey ride from the villa.
  • Shali, the old fortress town that overlooks the Siwa Villa
  • Oracle, oldest Oracle in the world, where Alexander the Great visited
  • Temple of Amon, with ancient inscriptions and stone pillars
  • Mountain of the Dead, with mummies still with their hair on
  • Cleopatra’s pool, where brides would swim before their wedding
  • Dakru Mountain, were the ‘peace festival’ is held each year/
  • Rock Tombs, Roman tombs by the hundreds around the oasis
There are several smaller oasis in the Siwa depression that can all be visited within an hour’s drive. Many are uninhabited and are what you remember an oasis to look like from your primary school picture books.

Surrounding villages

Marrake, Abu Surof, and many more villages away from the centre have some of the best experiences in Siwa Oasis waiting for you. These villages do not get many visitors, so if you’re staying with us on one of our all inclusive holidays, you will have the use of our jeep and someone to take you to the more remote parts of the Oasis. If you are a woman you are allowed to go into peoples homes and visit them and meet the women and children of the village who probably have never met a foreigner before.

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