Siwa Festival

A photographers dream - three days

The Siwan Festival takes place every year in October when there is a full moon. The festival lasts for three days and is a photographer’s dream – if you miss the shot you wanted on the first day, you can come back and take it on the next as the feeding of the thousands of people present happens every day. If you’re a photographer and what to visit and get shots like the ones shown below, or you just want to experience it and soak up the atmosphere then get in contact and I will let you know what we can offer you and when it is this year.

It goes on for three days.

There are several theories as to why the festival is held, but they all go something like this…

Many years ago, (there is no written history of Siwa) the tribes were fighting each other so much that a traveler, someone outside of the quarrel, suggested everyone meet on neutral ground, out next to Dakrur mountain, and work together to make a feast, for all the tribes. It is assumed the problems were between the east and west tribes, but you will not see people from the western tribes of Siwa at the festvial.

Each day the whole town is fed from a huge makeshift kitchen.It is a time for the old boys to reflect

and the new generation to meet others.

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