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The old living room where Victorian families summered, away from the industrial towns of Northern England like Manchester. They who would take in the sun from the big bay front window and walk to the beach before afternoon tea. It still has the old bar in the corner.

Co working space UK wide tends to offer 100Mbps or lower. We have 10 desks in the main coworking space here at Somewhere Different Blackpool, each with a direct RJ45 Ethernet connection to the 1,000 Mbps backbone delivered to the house over fibre optics directly from the £3m fibre investment in Blackpool a few hundred meters away, that has as a far as I am aware, currently the fastest connection US from the UK.

This room is a quiet room from 8.00 am till 6.00 pm Monday to Friday. The bar area can be used at weekends if you have a birthday, want to have a house party etc. The desks all have drawers in them so you can keep your note pads etc. in the desk and not have to take them to your room every night. 

The coworking room is quiet all day. The neighbouring wall is a quiet family not a hotel, so the only noise you will hear will be the tick of the clock and your WhatsApp bleeping. 


  • If you have to speak, whisper or be super quiet.
  • If you want to have a conversation with someone, go into the coliving area
  • No music, noise, Skype or mobile calls taken in the room.
  • In the main coworking space after 6.00 pm, these rules are relaxed and the bar area can be used for social events. 
  • The quiet coworking room in the basement of the house is Library rules 24/7. 


If you are organised and want to be 100% focused in your work hours – base yourself in the Quiet Coworking Room. This is in the basement of the house and is Library rules 24 hours – seven days a week. You will not be disturbed down here. 7 desks each with their own Ethernet connection directly on to the 1,000mbs network.

You cannot take calls in this room, that’s what the desk in your bedroom is for. There are 7 desks in the Quiet Coworking Room. There is nothing to do in this room except one thing, work online in silence. 


Skype, Zoom, or the new bunch of online users who use House Party, whatever your VOIP weapon, use it in your room. Somewhere Different provides you with a small desk in your bedroom so you can make calls to your clients or boss in complete silence and privacy on Wifi speeds of around 800 Mbps. 

You can take calls in the Coliving room as well but this can be quite noisy around dinner time with everyone making their pasta and beans. 

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