Weather in Egypt in February

The weather in February is very nice during the day, temperatures in the mid-twenties with sunny days and no need for sun creams and sun hats as the ozone layer is good over Egypt. It can be cold at night and it does rain (not in Siwa) but sleeping out in the desert is not a problem if you have a few blankets and a good fire. The seasons are the same as the UK, yes we have seasons here in the desert, and February can be the coldest month. Due to the Siwa Villa having thick walls, a good heating system in each bedroom and three fire places in the villa, it is a good time to visit as the weather during the day is a perfect English spring day with guaranteed sunshine and no rain. This enables you to do the things you want in the day without getting too hot. As Egypt is a Muslim country you will prefer to wear cloths below the elbow and knee. As it is not too hot during the day wearing trousers and possibly a head scarf will not be uncomfortable. February is one of the best months for taking photographs in the desert as there is little heat haze at sunrise and sunset. You can clearly see for tens of miles capturing great sunsets and landscapes with out the blur of the heat coming off the rocks in the desert.Below are the temperatures for Siwa, Alexandria and Cairo and Marsa Matruh.

Weather in Siwa in February

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Weather in Siwa in February is pretty much perfect during the day around 24 degrees and it never rains here. The temperature drops after sunset and you will need a fleece if your not sitting around a fire. There is very little humidity in Siwa so even if your running around in the gardens and climbing the big dunes out in the desert you should not get too hot. The days are always sunny and within an hour of the sun rising it is warm yet not hot and stifling. The weather in Siwa in February is like an English spring day. If this climate is appealing to you in the cold winter months, have a look at the details on the Siwa Villa and Siwa Oasis and come and experience the desert with the Siwa team

The humidity is around 40 to 50%. If your interested in visiting Egypt in February, have a look at our All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt. that are suited to this time of year and the weather in Egypt in February. Sleeping out in the desert is great at this time of year as it’s not too cold at night yet just enough to make you want to have a dip in a hot spring early in the morning on your way back into Siwa. We often take our guests for a hot spring swim on the edge of Siwa just after sunset mixed in with a G&T and an open fire in February.

Average temperature during the day in February is 22-24 degrees and a low of 8 to 9 degrees at night.

Weather in Alexandria in February

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Weather in Alexandria Most days in February are warm and sunny and a bit cold at night needing a fleece or light jacket and long trousers to keep you warm. It does occasionally rain in Alexandria but is normally T shift/sweat shirt weather during the day. Alexandria is the preferred choice for Caireans in the summer but in the winter I personally think the weather in Cairo is better, but when I regularly visit Alexandria in February I will carry just a warm fleece, never a water proof jacket. I don’t own one in Egypt. You will be unlucky to get caught in the rain and should expect it to be warm and sunny most of the time you are in Alexandria in February.

Average temperature during the day in February is 19 degrees and a low of 10 degrees at night

Weather in Cairo in February

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Weather in Cairo Temperatures here are similar to Siwa but it does occasionally rain and sometimes cloudy in February and can require a fleece or jumper during the day as it is often the coldest month of the year in Egypt. Saying that, I have been in Cairo many times in February and not worn much more than a T shirt and trousers during the day. I never carry a waterproof jacket as if it does rain which is rare it is normally not for long. Walking around the Khala El Khalili bazaar in a T shirt with a light jacket during the afternoon, early evening is good time to experience the sounds and smell of old Cairo as the colours change and the sun sets bringing a whole new look to the market from the glow of the thousands of lamps that light the thousands of traders shops and stalls.

Average temperature during the day in February is 21 degrees and a low of 9 degrees at night .

Weather in Marsa Matruh in February

See our six day, live weather forecast for Marsa Matruh on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Due to new flights coming in to Marsa Matruh and the fact that its a beautiful place with the best beaching in Egypt and the Mediterranean, Marsa Matruh is becoming a new destination for tourists from Europe and the UK. The flights do not run all year round and start in April running once a week till October. This means Marsa Matruh is kept as it normally is in February, with no foreign travelers to be seen anywhere keeping the fish restaurants full of locals only and charging local prices. The weather in Marsa Matruh in February is normally very nice averaging around 20 degrees during the day with on average 6 hours of sunlight a day. It’s T shirt weather from lunchtime to 3.00pm and then a light jacket or fleece for the rest of the time. In the evenings the temperature can drop down to nearly 10 degrees but the warm sea breeze makes it feel warmer. You can swim in the Mediterranean in February; it is cold, but not like England cold. It’s not warm though shall we say. If you do go swimming in Marsa Matruh in February, you have the beach to yourself for sure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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