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Cairo Zoo , nobody goes to the Cairo Zoo on an organised tour. It is not seen as interesting to the foreign tourist. That’s what makes it interesting. You arrive in your small little bus and your guide and are free to roam where ever you want.

Cairo Zoo is packed with a very good collection of beasts from bears, tigers, lions, elephants, and of course camels. Due to Cairo being Cairo, your guide can speak to the animal keepers in Arabic and for a few pounds baksheesh you can feed the lions, feed the hippos, ride a camel. I’m sure they would let you get in the cage with the bear if you tipped them enough. The crocodiles are huge, but you can hold the small ones;)

You will meet real Egyptians here in the zoo. Children on school trips, young lovers holding hands on the benches and families on their big day out. They will want to talk to you, they will want to know where you are from and will be glad that you are seeing the real Cairo and not just the pyramids. They will not try and sell you anything or ask for money, they are real people and are just genuinely interested to talk to you.

I will update this page soon with pictures of Angus feeding the hippos and, well actualy half the zoo.

To see the other options for your Cairo tour please go back to the Cairo Egypt Tour page or if you have looked at all the options Design your own tour of Cairo here and get a quote for your group.


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