Eating and Drinking in Siwa - Curious

Places to try out for eating in Siwa

There are many restaurants in Siwa, like Lonely Planet always says, some are good, some change, some new ones appear, but below I have listed the restaurants that have been around for some years and are pretty good considering where we are.

Nora Waha

If you want to make your dinner a whole evening out, this is a good place as they have backgammon, chess etc and you sit around on cushions on the floor. The style is very laid back and if you show an ounce of interest in music, you will have the waiter tying their scarves around themselves and shaking their things in no time! Food is good and the whole service is slow and relaxed. Don’t go there if you’re in a hurry, Abu’s or the Bedouin restaurant are the quickest.

Palm Trees

If you want a coffee or a simple pancake the Palm Tree hotel were the backpackers go is a good place to meet people and hang out in the palm trees, best avoided at dusk as there is no escape from the mozzies.

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