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Siwa Oasis is Somewhere Different

Siwa is different: it is the only oasis in Egypt that is of Berber origin. The culture and way of life is laid back, in contrast to the energy of the large, rambling souks in Luxor and Cairo. Siwa has a village feel and after a few days everybody knows you and, more importantly, how you take your tea.

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Siwa by car, people carrier, bus, micro bus, train (well to Matruh). By plane, jeep, and of course by camel. We can arrange any of these for you or you can read about them here and organise it yourself.”

Some of the most spectacular scenery in the desert is right here on our doorstep, just a few kilometers from the edge of Siwa.

Some too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Some in town, some out in the desert. Some full of tourists and some, perfect temperatures that no one goes to except for us. Stay at the Siwa Villa and we will show you.

The gardens are one of Siwa’s best kept secrets. Step back in time and experience the Berber culture at its best.

For three days in October, the annual festival of Siwa takes place. Every child turns up in their best dresses and galabayas. A visit to Siwa at this time is highly recommended.

20 kilometers out into the great sand sea, on the old donkey route to Libya, there is Shiata lake. A salt lake, just like the oasis you have pictured in your mind. Sand, a lake and a few palm trees. Visit by jeep or donkey.

It’s hard to believe the entire Oasis used to live in the Shali until as late as the 1950s. Get the history, some stories of East and West battles and some directions of how to get to the top to see the sunset.

Swim in the secluded salt lakes and absorb the sunshine.

Bit desert-ed out? Want to visit ‘the’ tourist attraction of the oasis that has nothing to do with sand? This is it. Sit back with a book and fresh mango juice alongside the most famous spring of them all.

One of seven Oricles in the world. Where Pharaohs, Alexandria the Great and Prince Charles came to confirm they would be king. If you are interested in Greek history, this is definitely worth a visit.

Bir Wahed No trip to Siwa is complete without a trip out to the hot spring and fresh water lake 12 kilometers into the desert at Bir Wahed. We visit the lake early in the morning or at night when the tourists are long gone.

If coming to Siwa Oasis is not enough of an adventure for you, let us take you to Qara Oasis. You will be one of a handful of visitors they receive each year. It’s a big occasion and one you won’t forget.

Within a day of being in Siwa you will know people, and people will know you. While some of the handshakes received will be from people looking to sell their wares, you will also meet people in the street, the olive farmer, who is after nothing from you but your time to share a cup of tea. To experience the Siwa you came to see, get out of the market square, walk into the gardens, meet the real people and be rewarded with genuine hospitality and some great scenery.

Siwa is the laid-back oasis you have heard about, it’s just a little further away from the market square than it used to be. Siwa is changing, but it still has the Berber slow pace of life.

There is a huge amount of history in Siwa, yet few in Siwa know their own past due to there being no documents or books from the past. Most of the history of Siwa is documented from other cultures, mainly Greek and of course from Alexandria the Great who came to visit Siwa in 331 to confirm he was the son of God in the Orical, one of seven in the world.

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