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Weather in Egypt in November

The weather in Egypt in November is very good in the day with crystal clear vision for photography and can still be quite hot in the mid day sun. At night it can start to be a little cool so pack your fleece but as long as your near a fire you’ll be fine. The Siwa villa has heating in all rooms and the large fireplace on the roof and during the day there is a large sun deck where you can sun bathe and relax during the day. November is often the bustiest month for guests in Siwa as the weather is seen to be the best in November along with October.

You don’t need to worry about sun creams etc, the ozone layer is very good here and the sun, though bright, doe snot burn you. Sun glasses are a must though, as the sand and ski can get very bright out in the desert at any time of year.

Below are the high and low temperatures for Siwa, Alexandria and Cairo and Marsa Matruh.

Weather in Siwa in November

See our six day, live weather forecast for Siwa on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Siwa The summer has gone and so to has siesta’s. The temperature is good all day and cool in the evenings maybe requiring a jumper or flees. November is of the best months weather in Egypt as the temperature is good in the day but not chilly at night. If your interested in visiting Siwa in November to enjoy the guaranteed sunshine and warm weather, have a look at the details on the Siwa Villa and our All Inclusive Holidays to Egypt. It can get quite hot in the midday sun but not hot enough to stop you from exploring the desert around Siwa or walking through the gardens in the middle of the day. Mad dogs and Englishmen… and the rest of the town are seen walking around the souk between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm, its warm but not hot, yet at night it is still warm enough to be in a T shirt around a fire. The average temperature during the day is 25 degrees and 15 degrees is the low average at night.

Weather in Alexandria in November

See our six day, live weather forecast for Alexandria on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Alexandria Alexandria is still warm in the day and bit cool at night .Average temperature during the day in October in Alexandria is 24 degrees and a low of 14 degrees at nigh It does rain in Alexandria but not often and not for a long period of time, so don’t bother bringing water proofs as if your there for a week you would be unlike to have more than a few hours of rain. Two or three times a year it will rain all day… I go to Alex regularly and I never take a waterproof jacket, a warm fleece and T shirt is all I need, plus some trousers.

Weather in Cairo in November

See our six day, live weather forecast for Cairo on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Climate in Cairo is similar to Siwa and is really nice during the day in November with possibly the need for a fleece in the evenings. Average temperature during the day in October in Cairo is 24 degrees and a low of 12 degrees at night. You can run around the Pyramids in the morning on one of our all inclusive holidays to Egypt and not have any worry about the heat. Before the sun is fully up you will need a jacket ,shawl or fleece to keep the desert chill off you, but once the sun is fully up around 10.00am it’s T shirt weather all the way, yet not too hot to be uncomfortable.

Weather in Marsa Matruh in November

See our six day, live weather forecast for Marsa Matruh on the ‘Weather in Egypt’ page

Weather in Marsa Matruh This time of year is great for visiting Marsa Matruh and the villages along the coast to Sollum. The Bedouin way of life can be seen from the road side and like the children above most people in the villages are friendly and welcoming. The weather in Egypt and in Marsa Matruh in November is on average 22 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night so perfect for walking and exploring and if your brave enough swimming. You can swim in the Mediterranean in November, it will be cold but not freezing and you will dry in the sun in minutes and be warm again. if you would like to explore Marsa Matruh and Siwa at this time of year, have a look at our all inclusive holidays to Egypt or just book the villa for a couple of days if your travelling through this way.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. We are planning to visit Egypt from 08 Oct to 17 Oct . What will be weather in Cairo

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