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Digital Nomad? Looking for a coworking coliving space in UK to get your head down for some work after all your sight seeing and Harry Potter in London? 

We are the first Coworking / Coliving space in the North of England. 

2.45 mins from London on the train for a month of remote working in the day and hanging out with like-minded digital nomads at night in the UK’s biggest beach resort town.  

We believe there are six main elements to a good co-working / co-living space.

COWORKING – in Blackpool England, is it right for you?

Having reliable fast internet is obviously your base need – but as you know, working with like minded digital nomads makes all the difference to your productivity and focus to your online work. If you are staying in a hostel in London where everyone is partying and sight seeing day & night – you begin to question why you are not being like them and enjoying life. Then you remember they are all going back to their day jobs soon and are on holiday. You are not, you are at the day job in your remote office bubble and want to get stuff done. Being surrounded by like minded remote workers who have the same drive and motivations as you makes all the difference. You want to be at your desk early, grab a coffee with the others and start your working day with a good feeling.

The main work areas is a quite ‘library rules’ zone 24/7 accept when we have parties in there at the weekends. That’s the “ get stuff done” room. There is a Skype room is planned and being built very soon in the basement. Each bedroom has a desk where you can work from in private if you have lots of calls to do or need total quite concentration time.  The street is mainly residenation and quiet most of the time with no distractions. 

COLIVING – Somewhere Different UK How will it be?

Somewhere Different coworking / coliving space UK is based in a substantial 4 story Victorian house five minutes from the beach in the oldest working class beach resort town in the world. It was a Victorian family home with servant quarters that was they turned into a hotel for families working in the mills from the industrial revolution era in Manchester.  It has now been transformed into coworking / coliving space in the north of England with all the required facilities. There are 13 rooms, 7 single rooms, 3 doubles, and two dorms, one mixed, one female only with 4 beds in each. The rooms are spread across two floors above the coworking space so you can work with others or switch back and forth to your room for calls or private work any time.

There is the large kitchen / living around at the back of the house where you can take a break and talk with fellow nomads during the day and onn the terrace at the back of the house, there is fire pit where we gather after work in the evenings to try and not talk about work and plan our weekend trips out into the English countryside or a crazy night out in party town Blackpool.  It has a spit for roasting lambs, goats, chickens… aubergines – whatever you fancy.

 We do full moon walks on the beach dunes if the weather allows. 

COST – What’s the cost of living in Blackpool England?

You are a digital nomad, or about to become one. You will have heard Chiang Mai is the place for digital nomads due to the balance of wow factor, costs and good internet.  We at Somewhere Different use Chiang Mai as the base price for being a nomad. The cost of a room in Blackpool as you will see on Somewhere Different UK’s availability page is similar costs to a single room in Chiang Mai.

Somewhere Different Blackpool is in England, one of the most expensive countries in the world. The cost to stay in our Blackpool house is the same price as when you stay in the desert or Chiang Mia. A pint of beer in our local here is cheaper beer in Chiang Mai

Price of beer in Chiang Mai

Price of beer in Blackpool

Food is not expensive and as you have a full kitchen and a decent amount of fridge and freezer space to store your own food you can eat healthy at not a lot per day. 

WIFI – We are currently waiting for 5G to be installed 🙂 🙂

We have 5G about to go live in Blackpool. I will say that again, we have 5G about to go live in Blackpool. We also have a £3 million investment going live now to provide the hotels on the beach front with super fast fibre to the rooter connections. By the time we are open here it will be 250mb from two different sources and enough bandwidth for 30 people to be on YouTube / Skype with zero lag. Yeah pretty cool hey. 


WEATHER – It’s warm and sunny, sometimes here in Blackpool

The weather is not bad here. If you want hot & sunny every day to get a tan and sweat dripping down on to your keyboard – go to Thailand or our place in Egypt in the summer. You don’t come to Blackpool for the weather, you come here to experience British working class eccentricity at it’s best and to  enjoy hanging out with English people who have never met anyone from where you are from – unless you are from the southern coast of Spain 🙂

WOW – Eccentic working class England at it’s best

We are called Somewhere Different and we live up to our name. If you are not English – Blackpool is somewhere different for sure. You will see, experience and feel a version of England you have only seen in the movies or never knew existed. It’s like nowhere else in the UK. You will party with Northerners who have never heard of, let alone been to where you are from, but will give you a hug and buy you a drink. You will eat mushy peas and – you will see – it’s wow, it’s Somewhere Different 🙂