Digital Nomad looking for Coliving in the UK? We are a coworking coliving hotel in England where you can cowork in the week and experience English culture at the weekend within a digital nomad community?

We believe there are six main elements to our coworking coliving house in the UK.

COWORKING UK – 2 coworking rooms. One quiet / one for calls

We have 1,000 Mbps, your own large desk, two coworking rooms. One is quiet 24/7, 7 days a week. The other is the original Victorian living room with the old hotel bar still intact.  Getting work done is the focus from Monday to Friday. We are the most cost-effective coworking space UK has to offer currently that includes accommodation and probably with the fastest connection speed.

Coworking Coliving Somewhere Different Blackpool is only for Digital Nomads: Remote Workers: Location Independent – whatever you want to call your self. People who are not on holiday but who work Monday to Friday online and can do it from anywhere in the world. This means you will have peer pressure to work in the week, not zone out and lose your way. We are here to provide you first and foremost a good productive work environment for you to get your online work done so you can experience non-touristy England at the weekends without a care in the world 🙂

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The main coworking space on the ground floor of the house is quiet ‘library rules’ 8.00 am to 6.00 pm during the week. We might have a small party there at the weekends sometimes if it’s someone’s birthday and they want to use the bar area.  Most of the time it’s the ‘get stuff done’ room. The coworking room in the basement is for making calls and you do not have to be quiet. Each bedroom has a desk and fast Wi-Fi connection, where you can work from in private if you have lots of calls or need total quiet concentration time.  The street is mainly residential and quiet most of the time with no distractions.

COLIVING UK– Own room, shared kitchen / living area. Beach 5 mins.

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Somewhere Different coworking/coliving space UK is based in a substantial 4 story Victorian house five minutes from the beach in the North West of England in the oldest working-class beach resort town in the world. It was a Victorian family home with servant quarters that were turned into a hotel for families working in the mills from the industrial revolution era in Manchester. 

 It has now been transformed into a coworking/coliving space in the north of England with all the required facilities. There are 14 bedrooms rooms, 11 singles, two doubles and 1 ensuite in the coliving hotel.  The rooms are spread across two floors above the coworking space so you can work with others or switch back and forth to your room for calls or private work at any time.

There is a large kitchen/living area are at the back of the house where you can take a break and talk with fellow nomads during the day and on the terrace at the back of the house, which will hopefully be added to the house in 2022 depending on Captain Corona.  There is currently a fire pit in the small ally where we gather after work in the evenings to try and not talk about work and plan our weekend trips out into the English countryside or a crazy night out in party town Blackpool. 

We do full moonwalks on the beach dunes if the weather allows. Horse riding, longboarding, walks in the English countryside. Day trips to Liverpool and Manchester. You get the idea.

More details about the coliving space in the hotel.

In the UK you have hotels and you have HMO’s (Homes of multiple occupancies). We are reg as a hotel and operate under hotel rules, not ” I rented a flat and pay rent” rules. This means you will need to be aware of the following. 

  1. You cannot use our address for anything other than Amazon delivery, takeaways and a parcel from your Mum. Anyone using the address to apply for a bank account, residency in UK etc will be asked to leave if we receive any mail like this in your name. That might sound a bit harsh, but it is against the law for us to allow this and we can be shut down if you appear on any local register using this address. 
  2. You need to be able to provide us with your permanent address. I am fully aware of this problem having travelled for years without one, but UK law is UK law and we will need one.
  3. A copy of your ID will be taken on your arrival.
  4.  You can stay a maximum of 90 days within any 180 day period at Somewhere Different Blackpool.

So if you are a Digital Nomad or a UK remote worker, this should be no problem or concern to you at all. If you are looking for somewhere to live and need a permanent address, we are not for you. Please see our terms and conditions that you will need to agree to when making a booking.

COST– Digital Nomad UK costs cheaper than Chiang Mai?

You are a Digital Nomad UK bound, or at least thinking about coming here to work and travel.  You will have heard Chiang Mai is the place for Digital Nomads due to the balance of wow factor, costs and good internet.  We at Somewhere Different use Chiang Mai as the base price for being a nomad. The cost of a room in Blackpool as you will see on Somewhere Different UK’s availability page is a similar cost to a single room in Chiang Mai.

Somewhere Different Blackpool is in England, one of the most expensive countries in the world. The cost to stay in our Blackpool house a month is the same price as when you stay in our place in the desert or Chiang Mia. A pint of beer in our local here is cheaper beer in Chiang Mai

Price of beer in Chiang Mai

Price of beer in Blackpool

Food is not expensive from the large supermarkets and as you have a full kitchen, with a decent amount of fridge space to store your own food, you can eat healthily at not a lot per day. More details here round the cost of living in Blackpool.

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Unless you are a rock star travel blogger or killed it on bitcoins – you want to keep your costs as low as possible. The less you need pay to have a nice standard of living as you travel around the world, the more competitive you are when it comes to pitching for work. If you are just starting out, it makes all the difference.

Don’t forget when you finally decided to hit the road for life or work and travel – the idea is to be in a place 5x more interesting than home and 5x cheaper to live.  Blackpool ticks the cost of living box and the wow box too as you will see.

WIFI – 1,000 Mbs. No typo. One thousand Mbps.


 We have a £3 million investment that is now live providing the hotels on the beachfront with super fast fibre to the router connections. We now have our 1,000 Mbps and 100 Mbps back up from two different sources which have had 100% uptime for the last year. That’s before we get the 5G which has been delayed due to Captain Corona but will be live in 2021 they say. So will have three sources of internet, more than enough.

Our top priority is making sure you are connected 24/7, seven days a week.  Why? Because a coworking coliving space in the Uk is first and foremost about having fast, reliable internet.

WEATHER – It's UK. You don't come here for a tan

The weather is not bad here. If you want hot & sunny every day to get a tan and sweat dripping down on to your keyboard – go to Thailand or our place in Egypt in the summer. You don’t come to Blackpool for the weather, you come here to experience British working-class eccentricity at it’s best and to enjoy hanging out with English people who have never met anyone from where you are from – unless you are from the southern coast of Spain 🙂

See monthly temperature and rainfall for Blackpool

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English weather is famous for its unpredictability and “four seasons in one day” party trick. The weather in England is for sure weather and not climate. We talk about it as much as we talk about football. Blackpool does not get really hot in the summer staying below 25 degrees and rarely below 5 degrees on even the coldest days in the winter.  You will be fine, relax about the weather. We are all geared up for doing things if and when it rains. 

WOW – Horse riding, beach walks, show time

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We are called Somewhere Different and we like to live up to our name. If you are not English – Blackpool is somewhere different for sure. You will see, experience and feel a version of England you have only seen in the movies or never knew existed. It’s like nowhere else in the UK. Very different from London. You will party with Northerners who have never heard of, let alone been to where you are from, but will give you a hug and buy you a drink. You will eat mushy peas and – you will see – it’s wow, it’s Somewhere Different 🙂

You only live once and so weekends Somewhere Different are all about the experiencing the wow of where you are staying in a way you would never be able to if passing through on your own as s tourist.  Check out or ‘wow’ sections for Blackpool and see what we have planned for you to experience when you stay…. Somewhere Different.


If you have any questions on our coworking coliving space in the Uk,  leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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