What to expect in November in Blackpool? Beginning of the winter season with the focus moving to the theatre and live entertainment.


You don’t come to Blackpool in November for the weather. As you can see in the temperature graph, averages of 10 degrees in the day and 7 degrees at night. Its not summer but is certainly not cold as it will be in Europe. 

Temperature for Blackpool in November


Every country has a date when they make an excuse to have fireworks and a big fire. In the UK this is called Guy Faulks night or other wise know as plane old Nov 5th. 

It’s our first bonfire night in the UK as every was closed last year. We plan to go and celebrate the event here at Blackpool’s Cricket Club. 




Worried they will not be much to do in Blackpool in November? You are obviously new in town 🙂 Summer is over and the season of the big shows has begun.

There are several big event venues in Blackpool, some dating back to the mid 19th century.

The most famous and largest is the Winter Gardens.  You can see all the shows at Winter Gardens in November here.  Blackpool Pride is on in November, tickets are from just £2.50 🙂

ice skating
(Absolutely free)

Christmas By The Sea – 19th November to 3rd January 

In addition to the Pleasure Beach Ice Arena, which is the oldest purpose-built ice theatre in the world, Blackpool is opening an outdoor skating rink for the holidays this year. The ice rink will be free to use including free skate hire.

If you have never tried ice skating before and don’t know how to skate, don’t worry – we’ll teach you!


Blackpool is the first town in the world to have electric street lighting in 1879. There is long tradition if ” Going to see the lights” in Blackpool in Norther England. Grandad was take here by his Grandad and so on.  

This year due to Captian Corona they will be running from Sept all the way to the end of Dec.

Somewhere Different Blackpool is a 3 minute walk from the Golden Mile were you can see the lights stretch literally for miles in each direction every night. 


The second biggest event venue in Blackpool is Viva Blackpool based in the basement of Blackpool Tower. See all the shows that are on in November at Viva here

Show tickets vary from £15.00 upwards for world class live entertainment – 15 mun walk from Somewhere Different Blackpool. 

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