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To say it is cheaper than Chiang Mai, I know is quite a statement. The UK as you know is nowhere as cheap to live in as Thailand or 90% of most places you are looking to go coworking/coliving. 

But before you assume living in Blackpool for a month will be expensive. Read the following sections first. 

Blackpool is not London.  It is in the North West of England in the county of Lancashire. 


60% of the places I will suggest to visit whilst staying in Blackpool are within walking distance of the Somewhere Different House. That’s pretty cheap. Restaurants bars, the beach, the shows and night clubs are all 5 – 15 minute walks away.

Getting here is your most expensive transport cost. If you book in advance you can get trains for £25 or the bus for £15. It’s a lot cheaper to get here from Manchester, around £5 for the bus or train. 

Two great towns to visit nearby for a great night out in non touristy England are a few pounds on the train each way. 

There is a tram route the entire length of the Flyde coats. You can get a weekly tram ticket for £16.60 and visit a LOT of places. Just riding on the old trams is quite an experience. 

We hire well-maintained bicycles for £50 a month. As Blackpool is flat you can get to most places within a 20-minute ride. 

BEER £1.60

I know its not a key cost for you if you don’t drink it. But many people judge a place by the price of a beer in a bar.

If you come on the weekly supermarket trip you can buy beer, as you can see below from our local big supermarket, at 18 cans for £12,

Wine from our local Supermart that is walking distance is £4 a bottle or splash out and spend £5 and you get a larger choice of decent wines 

If you are going out to the expensive upmarket towns nearby, yes, it’s not cheap. If you go to the local up the road is £1.60 a pint in a very English pub. 

Don’t take my word for it, see here. A pint of beer in our local here is cheaper than a beer in Chiang Mai .


We have a huge selection of mega supermarkets within 20 min drive of the house. Some are expensive and some sell cheap, not good food. We don’t go to either. We take you to the ones that have good food but buy in crazy bulk and so sell them cheaper than you will get anywhere else. 

I eat well, meat, eggs, cheese, shrimps etc. and I spend between £30 and £40 a week on food. You can do it for less and still eat well. Someone recently was staying and spent £15 a week on pasta and sauces. Have a look for yourself these are two supermarkets we go to once a week with the car so you can do a weeks shopping all in one go. 




Digital Nomad cost of living is affected by two main things. The first is your accommodation. The big monthly cost and the one that makes the difference. At Somewhere Different Blackpool you get your own room, super-fast internet, your own desk and a nice big house to live in for £300 a month.  

The house is right in the centre, not miles out on some slow bus route. Check our prices here and see for yourself. Sure you can get cheaper in India and Thailand and Bali etc, but will you get a place with 1,000 Mbps for this price there? No. 


London, Liverpool and Manchester give you 1,000s of flight option to get here. If you come out of the peak seasons like half terms, Easter, Summer, Christmas etc, you can get her from Europe for £20 booking just a week or so before you fly. I am telling you how to suck eggs here but the further in advance that you book up your trip to England the cheaper all transport costs will be. 

To see where you can fly in on direct flights to get to Somewhere Different Blackpool have a look below. 

Direct flights to Manchester Airport.

Direct flights to Liverpool Airport.

Direct flights to Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick & Stanstead 

To see how to get here once you have landed go to the Location page. We are 3 hours from London & 1hrs 30 mins from Liverpool and Manchester.

See you on the beach 🙂

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