Siwa Co-living space from the inside

Where you will be living

Scroll down the page to see the different inside areas of Siwa Villa.

Living Room

This is a large long room through the middle of the house. It is traditional for Siwan houses to have one large living room facing north south to catch the breeze that blows through the house through the day to keep it cool. An open fire provides extra heat in the winter if required. Additional seating and cushions are available. There are exposed palm tree beams on the ceiling making the room look a bit like an English baronial hall. This is the traditional way of making ceilings in Siwa.The lighting is provided by wall fittings made from lumps of salt from the lake giving a nice warm glow in the evenings. The floor throughout the house is soft limestone about 3 centimetres thick and needed a five tonne truck to deliver![/v

Dining Room

Fifteen foot of dinning table that will fit 10+ easily in the middle of the living area for when you all want to get together for dinner after quite time has ended after 6.00pm. There is also a small table and seating area in the kitchen if you feel 15ft of space is a bit much for your bowl of cornflakes and coffee in the morning.

The study

This room is slightly separate from the dining room and is another living room. It has the big arched windows in it and is very bright in the mornings. It’s great for working in and quite most of the day. You can get together and try not to talk about work here, play board games etc in the evenings. The walls are very thick here, so any noise you make will not disturb any light sleepers who want to go to bed. When you stay at the Somewhere Different Co-living  you will soon forget what is just outside the big arched windows in the narrow streets. Outside donkeys meander by, while inside you will have your high speed internet, beers in the fridge, a book to read and time to reflect on the whole situation.


Fully fitted kitchen with plates etc for 10 people. You have all you need to cook a Sunday roast to juicing your favorite fruits or making a smoothie or mean curry with the blender. I love to cook and we have all the utensils you need here and food in the market 5 mins away to cook what ever you want at any time of the day. The kitchen is a communal areas so it’s like hostel rules. You clean up and wash up your own mess when you create it not Bukra insha Alla. The idea is to cook together. You can prepare your own veggie meal that no one else will eat or get every one together and cook a spag bol for dinner. It’s up to you. We do not provide dinner, just a very simple breakfast and that’s it. If are the “don’t cook won’t cook”type that is fine, see the eating out section and we will see you in Abdus.


The is the main bathroom with flush WC and a huge shower with a stone carved foot as the shower basin. It has gas heated hot water so it never runs out. The is also a flush WC under the stairs with hand basin. We are in the process of building another two showers in the steam room but at the time of writing this has not been completed. Throughout your stay Ahmed, the housekeeper, will be around to keep the fires burning in the house and on the roof using local renewable olive wood and the kitchen sink free of washing up. If this is what you are looking for ina  co working / co living space in Egypt, then see what we can offer you here in the membership section.

Internet speeds in Egypt when staying in hostels, budget hotels and co working spaces vary, but in general they provide the cheapest package from there ISP to cover all guests even if that’s more than 50 people. The speeds vary from nothing to 2mbs. For simple browsing and the non critical Skype calls it is fine if you are working at non busy times of the day or Friday. But it’s not reliable. No one sees the need for back ups when the power goes down for lighting, let alone the internet.

We are in the process of contacting all co working spaces in Egypt to get a better idea of what is available here for digital nomads looking to work and travel in Egypt for a few months and will add the link here when it is done.

We have 10 mbs + & 3G back up here in Siwa.