internet speed in blackpool


1,000 MBPS

Internet speed in Blackpool is the fastest in the UK to the US. With a £3m fibre investment in a backbone along the promenade 5 mins from the house, we have access to super-fast internet. It went live six months ago. There has been zero downtime since then. We now get around 850 Mbps down and 925 Mbps up.  

The screengrab shows what my old PC desktop can punch out when connected with a data cable. If you have a newer mac you will get faster speeds than shown here.

The backup ISP provides 1oo Mbps dedicated, not shared with any other users and shows up as 114 Mbps on the wifi in most places around the house. 



It will be rare that all double rooms will be booked out for two people. If so, the maximum amount of people sharing the network will be 15 as that’s how many people we can take at any one time.

We don’t have an internet café or day passes, so you can be sure you will not get slow speeds due to a huge amount of users. 


We invested a load of money in our network. 8 enterprise wifi access points, two on each floor. Every guest gets their own desk and dedicated Ethernet connection to the network for super-fast speeds. 

Fibre to the house and Cat6 through the house bringing you 800 Mbps over wifi and 1,000 Mbps over ethernet connections. 


The step-up for 5G has been delayed due to Corona but it is now live in Blackpool and will be working for our postcode in the summer of 2021. Once active I will attempt to bond the 5G with the 100 Mbps dedicated and the 1,000 Mbps connection to provide a connection over around 1,300 Mbps. 

Internet speed in Blackpool is very fast and with the 5G bonded into the fibre connection, we will have probably the fastest connection you will have ever worked on within a coworking space in the UK

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