It’s a long story, I wrote a book about it called Somewhere Different. We started off in Sir Lanka and a big wave pushed me and my family to Siwa in Egypt. We built a Boutique hotel and it was great till the Revolution.¬†

My marriage failed round 4 years ago and I became a Digital Nomad. Having seen first hand what remote workers look for in a place, I decided to reopen Siwa as a Coworking Coliving House and have recently restored a closed Hotel in Blackpool in the North of England, redesigning it purely for Digital Nomads.


Somewhere Different is solely owned by Duncan Ridgley and is registered as a sole trader in the UK. 

The plan is to open more locations, Somewhere Different in the world and build up our offering to our guests as and when we have the time to do it. Our GDPR policy

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