Siwa Oasis - Eating out

All restaurants, 5 minutes walk of the Siwa Villa


It’s ‘the’ restaurant in town where everyone goes for lunch or early dinner. The food and service is good. Abdu has been dead for some time but it is still the no. 1 place in town if you want to be seen and sociable.

East West

This is a basic cafe in town that is cheap and cooks everything from fresh so it’s good food, but can take a little while to arrive. It’s great for people watching and if you want to be left 100% alone.

The chicken place

Open in the evenings. They do a mean half chicken, salad, tahina and rice – and that’s it.

Bab en Shali

This was the place where the well off tourists would eat who would fly in on their chartered planes before the revolution. They don’t fly in so regularly any more but it is still a nice place to go for dinner or a hot date.

The Bedouin

The staff, standard and menu have not changed in 10 years. It’s a great place to go and just nod your head to get a full meal of rice, soups, beans, bred and a half or quarter of chicken whilst sitting on the floor.

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