Coworking models needed in Egypt this November

Up for some desert shoots and hot springs?

Somewhere Different is a coworking / coliving space in the Sahara Desert in Egypt. Duncan who runs it is a professional photographer and is looking for some models to help him capture the spirit of staying at Somewhere Different Siwa. 

Are you between 25 & 40? Good looking and know how to hold a smile for the camera? We need up to ten people to come and stay – Somewhere Different in Siwa Egypt for a week long photo shoot. 

In return you get a months free coliving accommodation . All pictures taken of you, you can use for your own online publicity or to just show your mum where you are, its up to you.

You get to stay in luxury coliving accommodation in the oasis town of Siwa in the Western Desert of Egypt. Hot springs, the biggest dunes in the Sahara and super fast internet. Not to mention the chance to hang out with other like minded working nomads.

We have just opened and as you know – its hard to pitch a story without the story. So end of November / beginning of December, we want you to come along and experience Siwa Oasis for a whole month. We have a jeep for the desert and hot springs to hang out in at night. Yes as you can see I don’t have good pics of the hot springs, hence the call for models to come and make those pictures happen.

Ideally we find 4 guys and 4 girls to keep the balance in the shots. 

What do you say? “I am too busy, I need to work” no problem, we are a coworking space after all. I don’t expect you to give me all of your day, just a few hours now and again when the light is right. The rest of the month you can hammer our internet connection or hang out with the locals in a donkey taxi and cruise around the oasis.

It’s simple, you can get to Christmas and people will asking you ” What did you do in November?” and you will have to think. 


You can tell them how you got free accommodation and became a model for the week way out in the depths of the Sahara Desert. 

The fun thing will be is they wont believe you until they see the amazing set of pictures you then show them. 

So what do you say? I say if you want to do something different at Somewhere Different – you get in touch with us and get that Christmas dinner story in the bag.

Any questions leave in the commenst below and I will answer you as soon as posible.

A few people have asked ” What are the the qualifications to be involved?” There are none really but ideally are you are a digital nomad, so you will be working in the day online, you look like our target market so foreigners, 25 to 40 and you do not look like an Ax murder ( joking). It is not a catwalk, just need really fun good looking people who are willing to be photographed and videoed and speaking to the camera in English.

What do you get? You get free accommodation, some rooms are private, some shared and there is a 4 bed dorm so not all will get their own room. You get your accommodation and use of the WiFi for working and that’s it. Living costs in Siwa are super low and I will not be charging any one for when we go out in the jeep to the desert, hot springs etc.

When is it? We meet in Cairo on the 18th Nov and travel down on the 20th taking pics at the pyramids and markets before we leave. You can travel down on your own any time until mid December. Once in Siwa you can stay for a month where we will go out to the desert every weekend and set up several different shoots, sunsets, swimming in the salt lakes and so on.

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