Coliving now open in Egypt 2023

WE ARE OPEN IN SIWA FROM 15TH JAN 2023 Somewhere Different Siwa is now open for 2023. Go to bookings and select from the Sunday 15th of Jan to check availability as it’s all blocked off before then. Coworking and coliving in the Berber town of Siwa in the Western Desert of Egypt is now  […]

PCR test for the UK – no longer required

PCR NO LONGER REQUIRED From 04:00 GMT on Friday 7th 0f Jan 2022, fully vaccinated travellers coming to England will no longer have to take a test before they travel. That means no worry about paying for your flight and booking into Somewhere Different and then not being able to to show up.  Full details […]

10 Reasons Why Blackpool is the Place to be this Winter

Are you looking for a place to spend the winter with that Christmas feeling without it being too cold? The place that  is easily reachable, has a lot of entertainment, has an ice skating rink, Christmas market and all that without breaking the bank? Then you should come to Blackpool. Why Blackpool you say? This […]

Coliving UK: Digital Nomad accommodation outside of London

Coliving UK: Digital Nomad accommodation alternatives to London in UK – 2021 Coliving in the UK is often not seen by the Digital Nomad community as a destination option; because it’s ” too expensive”. With all the quarantine rules and double PCR tests you had to book for most for 2021, it kind of was. […]

Digital Nomad Christmas: Where to work from this winter?

5 coworking/coliving ideas for Christmas 2020 Let’s face it, 2020 was not the best. If you are a digital nomad and looking to not spend Christmas this year on your own, again… now is the time to make plans on where you want to be working from in December and avoid the Captain Corona blues. […]

Remembrance day – Layton Cemetery, Blackpool

Weekend walks in Blackpool Layton cemetery in Blackpool was opened in 1873 and has over 17,000 grave stones in various states of repair. I visited today just hours after 11.00am on Remembrance Day Nov 8th 2020. Scattered through the grave stones, many read “ Died in France in the Great War” and so on. A […]

Digital Nomad project on beach in UK

BUDDING DIGITAL NOMAD? Are you willing to get your hands covered in paint? We are launching the first Digital Nomad House in the UK on the beach up here in Blackpool. The design is a mix of classic Victorian seaside colours mixed in with splashes of modern design. The main coworking space needs someone to […]

Russian Travel Blogger in Blackpool

OUR FIRST GUEST Diana Garri is not your average Travel Blogger. She is originally from Siberia in Russia and now travels in Europe building her following on Instagram. You can see her profile here @heyy_di. She contacted me and suggested she stay for a week and we make a joint promo video for Travel Bloggers […]

Coworking / Coliving in Blackpool UK: first steps.

It’s happening. Somewhere Different Blackpool is on it’s way I have been planning this for years and now finally it’s happening. We will be open in the UK June 1st and I am now taking bookings from the 1st on wards.  As you will see in the video, no pressure to be done and open […]

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