Coliving now open in Egypt 2023


Somewhere Different Siwa is now open for 2023. Go to bookings and select from the Sunday 15th of Jan to check availability as it’s all blocked off before then. Coworking and coliving in the Berber town of Siwa in the Western Desert of Egypt is now  possible. 

Our internet connection is good

We fully tested the internet connection last year and had a stable 37 Mbs for months. We did have a few power cuts. It’s Egypt, you will get this everywhere. What you won’t get everywhere in Egypt is the following.

An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is being installed. That means when you are on a zoom call and the power goes, the internet will keep running and not cut you off your call. It keeps the network up and running long enough for us to fire up the generator to power the network for as many hours as needed if/when the power is down.

Ubiquiti Wifi network

We will also have a new Ubiquiti network being installed providing strong wifi & CCTV throughout the villa, the roof terrace and all coworking areas. I installed one in Somewhere Different Blackpool 3 years ago; it’s had 100% uptime so going for the same setup in Egypt. So yeah – good reliable internet out in the desert for your coworking/coliving trip to Egypt is now an option.

From January 15th 2023 you can book to stay up to three months with us. Working smart in the week, exploring Somewhere Different at the weekends. To see prices and availability check the Egypt Booking section. To see what our coworking / coliving offering in Siwa looks like, see the Siwa Gallery section.

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