Captain Corona has left the building

It's over in the UK.

It’s been a few weeks now, but the novelty of going out to a packed bar, theatre, football ground, people dancing, no masks, no 2m etc, all having fun and no one reporting the daily deaths from corona anymore, as it’s single figures.

It’s finally over for good in the UK.

We are open as normal. The town, the beaches, shops, trains etc, all open and running smoothly. The conversation has moved to Afghanistan and the premier league. There is just one little part that still reminds us Corna is still lurking in the background.

UK quartine rules

As if 23rd of August 2021, getting to the Uk is still cheaper than normal, ¬£28 one way to get here, 448 flights a week now. That’s just to Manchester which is 1hr 15 mins away on a direct train from the airport to Blackpool town centre.

That’s because no one is going aboard this year for holidays due to the uncertainty of quartine and PCR tests. As you are a Digital Nomad, it’s just you not the whole family to get swabbed. You still need to have a positive test to get on a plane to come here. Once here, you glide through passport control, have a test kit sent to Somewhere Different in advance and that’s it. Everything else is normal. You don’t have to quartine when arriving if you are double jabbed and not coming from a red zone country. You just do the test and send it off and you are done.

Come work from Blackpool

When you are ready to move on from where you are currently working, check us out and how easy it is now to get to, and move around in the UK post corona.

See what availability we have here over the next few months. We are getting booked up but there are still some places in September when we have hug firework displays on the beach every weekend.

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