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Post Corona update for Digital Nomads looking to visit the UK

We are all living in Lock Down or Loch Doon as I call it these days. You either headed for home or have been holed up in a hostel, Coworking Coliving place in Chiang Mai/ Bali or an Airbnb in some random town in nowheresville since March and are climbing the walls.

From July as you know, we can all jump on a plane and change our locations once again and live up to the name of being a Digital Nomad and keep exploring the world as we remote work our way around it.

Digital Nomad Accommodation opens July 4th in the UK

A year ago I turned poacher turned gamekeeper and bought a 15-bed guest house near the beach in the UK to restore it into what seems to be the first Coworking Coliving house in the UK providing short term stays purely for Digital Nomads.

We have been told by the British Government we can open on July 4th as long we meet ‘Social Distancing Guild Lines’. The two-meter distance rule has been dropped to 1m. This means we cannot be full for some time to ensure there is space for everyone and we need to provide quarantine services to anyone arriving in the UK that needs to isolate for 14 days on their arrival for the next few weeks before these rules are removed – but the good news is we can open and will on July 5th.

I thought I would create a list of all the Coworking Coliving places in the UK that I am aware of that will  also be open from July 5th

Coworking Coliving list in UK - updated June 24th 2020

If you search “Coworking Coliving UK” you will find the following. Apart from Somewhere Different the only other offering that calls itself Coworking Coliving in the UK is the well-known Roam in London. They say they are moving location and will welcome people next year so it’s not clear if they are open post-Corona. When I selected to stay July 5th to Aug 5th as it’s the first month you can book post-Corona…I had to do a screen grab as you would not believe me.

Yeah it says ‘We have discounted your rate’ £12,000 is the discount rate…. OK.

The Collective is the Coliving brand in the UK – not so much about Coworking Coliving and more for longer-term folk who may well be working in London and want to colive for a year or two. As they are classed as Homes of Multiple Occupancy they did not have to close under Captain Corona as hotels did. Minimum stay in their North London location is 4 months. Different offering to a Coworking Coliving house just for Digital Nomads who are coming for a month or two in total in the UK to experience the culture and move on. 

The minimum stay cost is £4,332. Sure it’s for 4 months, so a snip compared to Roam but if you are used to renting a nice room in Asia with OK wifi for a few hundred pounds a month that’s nearly two years rent for you. Their place in Canary Warf does shorter stays but starts at £80 a night.

There are many more Coliving places that will be open from July 5th in the UK and have been open all the way through Corona. Most are based in   in London, the minimum is £1,000 a month and are all about short term lets in terms of number of months for people working in London and not for travellers passing through.

If you check out  Nomadlist for the UK, you will see London gets a big whack whack on cost, as you have seen above. They calculate you need £3664.51 a month to live a Digital Nomad life in London. I am from London and think that’s a bit steep but yeah, it’s one of the most expensive places in the world you can choose to work remotely from … is that not the whole point you don’t have to pay crazy big city costs when working remotely?

Hence Nomad List’s no. 1 recommend destination is Canggu. Even with only 19 Mbps as the average. Why?  Because it has wow and you need £1061.43 a month to live there. Less than 3 times the cost of living in London and why my home town comes in at no. 37 after Ploiesti in Romania that is best known for not being anywhere worth writing home about. Ask any Romanian and they would say “You are thinking of living in Ploiesti for a month? Really? Why?”

As you can see London is not a Coworking Coliving destination, not because it’s a dull place but because it just too expensive compared to other places a Digital Nomad can work from and experience the wow the world. You only colive there if you have a job there or use a coworking space if you live there long term. 

Outside of London things get better and the prices drop.  The Nomad list for the UK 

ranks Manchester and Liverpool as no. 2 and 3. As you can see they are significantly cheaper than in other cities in the UK. Somewhere Different is located between Liverpool and Manchester in the seaside town of Blackpool that has an even lower cost of living than Liverpool. Rent for your own room is £300 and includes a 15th share of a 1,000 Mbps connection. There is no city on Nomad list that has a cost of living similar to Chiang Mai and a connection speed of one Gig. Food is cheaper in Blackpool than Chiang Mai if you are eating in. We have a good selection of supermarkets that enables you can eat healthy food for not a lot a month. Has 658 coworking spaces in the UK listed. You can’t search to see if any have accommodation included. As far as I am aware none of them do. Like the Coliving places in London, the coworking spaces only provide half the jig saw puzzle for Digital Nomads who’s home town is 5,000 miles from the coworking space.  Most coworking spaces in the UK are around a similar price to Somewhere Different so if you had to add accommodation costs as well it would work out more.

Where are other Coworking Coliving places in the UK? I am aware of Selina and how they are expanding all over the world, so I checked out their situation. They are in London, Brighton and Manchester

For July 5th to Aug 9th, it does not give any prices other than “we are not available for these dates” It let me book from September, you can see what they offer for a 4-week stay below.

8-bed dorn for £411 for 4 weeks. Is more than Somewhere Different – £300 a month for you’re your own room, but it’s more like it and I assume includes the use of their coworking area.  They have an update for staying post corona here. They are promoting families for now as they can all share one room so you want to remember to bring your noise-cancelling headphones with you.

The Fort York up in York say they welcome Digital Nomads on their web site and have beds in their dorms from £10 a night, but they also welcome school groups so you could be in for an interesting group of co-workers in the wifi area. They do not mention any separate coworking spaces in the hostel. But at least they will understand you want to sit in one place all day and not be disturbed and not keep mentioning the city walking tour every morning.

That’s about it. Is very early days for the Coworking Coliving scene in the UK outside of London. There are places you can stay that are not expensive, you just have to find out about them. If you like the idea of your own room for £300 a month, 5 minutes from the beach with a 1,000 Mbps connection and your own desk in a choice of two coworking spaces in the house – have a look at Somewhere Different in Blackpool as from July 5th for sure we will be open.

If anyone is aware of any other coworking/coliving places in the UK, not separate offerings, please add them in the comments below and I will check them out and add them to the lists. 

See you on the beach 🙂

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