Digital Nomad Christmas: Where to work from this winter?

5 coworking/coliving ideas for Christmas 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 was not the best. If you are a digital nomad and looking to not spend Christmas this year on your own, again… now is the time to make plans on where you want to be working from in December and avoid the Captain Corona blues.


If it’s an option, Mum will be double pleased to see you this year. Depending on where you are, flights are cheaper this festive season than normal. That’s if they keep running. A quick check on Skyscanner and you can fly from London to New York in December for £134 one way.

Not bad

But once you need to be back at work and Mum is asking if you are finally coming home for good, you need to get back out there and… quarantine and… who knows what the rules will be in January 2021. Hopefully not as bad now


Um, nope. The Uk foreign office website explains unless you are;

Foreign nationals with limited (KITAS) and permanent stay (KITAP) permits for foreign nationals with diplomatic visa and working visa holders of diplomatic stay permits and business stay permits those working on medical and food assistance transportation (air, sea, or land) crew foreign nationals working on national strategic projects.

Only talking with people in a Facebook Digital Nomad Bali group, they say you can use a b211 visa to get in. 

You have no chance of getting in on the old. “ I am on a tourist visa and on holiday honest, not working”. It simply will not cut it these days.


Nope, again, same… just slightly different rules. You can only travel to Thailand if you tick one the really hard to boxes below.

If you are on a diplomatic or consular mission, belong to an International Organisation, are a government representative performing duties in Thailand, or have permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This includes families.

If you hold a work permit or have already been granted permission from the Thai government to work in Thailand or have the Certificate of Residence and a valid re-entry permit. This includes families.

If you are the spouse, child or parent of a Thai national.

If you are seeking medical treatment in Thailand (except treatment for COVID-19), or are caring for someone seeking medical treatment in Thailand.

If you are an international student or the parent/guardian of an international student.

Some Digital Nomads mentioned that the 60-day Thailand visa is back on as from 15th of Nov. 

Digital Nomad on a one-month tourist visa, is um – not on the list.


The official line is this:

Entry to Colombia by air is permitted. All arrivals are subject to mandatory entry requirements:
For air travel into Colombia, a negative PCR test result is no longer required by the Colombian authorities.
Between 24 hours and 1 hour before departure, you must fill out the ‘Check-Mig’ form, available on the Migración Colombia website. You will receive a confirmation email that you will need to present upon arrival in Colombia.
Regulations are subject to change at short notice and you should check with your travel provider before your journey.
Colombia’s land and sea borders will remain closed until 1 December 2020. Internal travel within Colombia is permitted.


As long as you plan to arrive and leave by plane, all seems fine….

It’s the same for American citizens travelling to Columbia too as from Nov 5th, there is no need for a negative test taken 96 hours before flying now. It’s all looking good.

Ah hang on. Accept if you are from the UK the rules say:

From 5 November to 2 December 2020, travelling away from home, including internationally, is restricted from England except in limited circumstances such as for work or for education. Different rules apply in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You must follow all the rules that apply to you.

Its catch 22, if you are currently in England it’s illegal to go abroad on holiday. As you know, working as a Digital Nomad if you say you are working when landing in a new country, they will ask you for your work permit, employer details etc. You never say that right… you say you’re a tourist, ah… I am not allowed to travel as a tourist, round and round.


England opens up again on December 2nd if all goes well. Once lockdown is over you should be able to travel again. If however you are here in the UK and don’t want to deal with possible LockDown extensions / cancelled flights and delayed Skype calls with your clients – what are your options in England this Christmas?

How about this?

Somewhere Different is now open in the North of England. From Dec 2nd we can accept working Digital Nomads and you can say for the whole month. That means mince pies and stuffed turkey on Dec 25th with like-minded nomads.

We are the first Digital Nomad House in the UK and the Location Independent workers who are currently staying with us are planning the big day’s menu. Brazilians main Christmas meal is on Christmas Eve. Italians have lasagne on the day. All that and turkey? We will see. What’s your input for the big day? Can you cook a mean dish and like the thought of being part of a Nomad family 5 minutes from the beach for the festive season with 1,000 Mbps connection for the call with Mum?

If you do… let us know as we only have 3 places left at the dinner table.

Where ever you spend Christmas working this year, remember this – next year for sure will be better 🙂

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