Upate from Sasha in Egypt

Hi guys in Egypt were it is stinking hot, the water is dirty, the streets are dirty and the people hassle you until you buy something in there shop. Egypt is so cool the pyramids, tombs and the camels. The Pyramids Kate and her little sister Sophie rode on a camel to the pyramids while […]

Turkey and Cario

I’m sitting in the bar of the Windsor Hotel, down town Cairo. Did you see the Michael Payline ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ when he goes to Cairo… that’s the place. It used to be the British Officers club and I think the seat upholstery I’m sitting on… is original. Every one has gone […]

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania

The short version is, we are all well, having fun and are buying some land in Romania. I haven’t had time to do any writing for a while so I’m afraid this update is bit long. Here’s the longer version. Greece We went to the Sithonian peninsular near Thessaloniki to have a bit of a […]

Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia

We decided in the end not to pursue buying a ski chalet in Bosnia. The people there are beautiful but the carnage that is left over from the war is still too much to be able to go there and completly chill for two weeks. Sasha is doing a project on the Bosnia war and […]

Update from Sasha

Hi guys The first three days we booted through France Germany Slovenia and Austria sleeping in gas stations and on the side of the road which was not funny when we had lorry drivers tooting there horn at 3 in the morning. We then chilled in Croatia for a week snorkeling and hanging out with […]

Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia

Croatia is different. It is Europe, a very nice part of Europe. The hospitality is not as forthcoming here, but as there are many tourists on the coast now, I guess this is to be expected. The island of Vis is our third somewheredifferent destination. It is the furthest island off the coast and I […]

Western Europe and Bosnia

The most exciting thing that happened between Dover and Slovenia was the toilet seats in Germany… they have this funny habit of spinning around and getting themselves cleaned when you press the wrong button to flush. Hours of fun! One big autobahn all the way. We slept in the service stations and it took three […]

The journey has started

Today I realised it is not a dream anymore… it’s not something that might happen in the future, the journey for me, started today. I was hammering our new (20 year old) American motor home down the Reborn Rd with Dave our loyal mechanic who had his head in the exposed engine inside the cab […]