‘Breakin rocks in the…hot sun’

‘I fought the law and the…law won’ That song by the Clash has been going through my head a lot in the last few days. It’s probably something to do with the fact that we now get up at 4.00am and are on our land by 5.30am with pick axe in hand… breaking rocks. MoMole […]

The day I split to Split

About 7 years ago, I went to bed… woke up with terrible chest pains and thought I must be having a heart attack. Penny rang the hospital “Hi, I have a 20 stone man with acute pains in his chest clutching onto a wardrobe… what am I supposed to do?” They assumed the worst and […]

Life in the…donkey lane

I know I only sent one a few days ago. But life in the donkey lane has been fast… ish recently. We’re all coming back to the UK on the 18th for a week. We’ve done a deal with a TV production company and they are using our story for a program in a six […]

What was all that about…? Sri Lanka and Tsunami

Its, 4.10am on 31st of Dec. The date of this travel log should have been the 26th of Dec and the content more cheerful. We had arrived in Sri Lanka on the 12th and we spent a couple of weeks getting ourselves sorted and buying a jeep before going over to Arugam Bay. We bought […]

Heading Home

I have always said you never really get to meet the real people of a country until you have a small problem like a blow out… and you find out if they really are nice people or not. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and the people here are… very special. We have had so […]

Sasha's email on the Tsunami

Hi Guys, We are all alive with a few cuts and bruises. We were all having breakfast and chilling out when it happened, then my dad said run for your life. I knew he wasn’t joking because I saw a wave coming. We ran and we were dragged by a wave for about 300 metres. […]

Village Life – Egyptian Style

Its 3.44 am. One of the many roosters out there crowing sounded just like Claudia crying and so triggered an adrenalin rush to my head and… so here I am wide awake. It has taken around a week for my brain to get used to the usual pattern. The roosters kick in around about 3.00am, […]

Sasha in Oludeniz – Turkey

Hi Guys, Is it raining or getting cold yet if so im sorry cos the heat is unbearably hot. Were in Ölüdeniz in Turkey were there are paragliding, scuba diving boat trips and sunny beach oppotunities. been with the Murrays,Walters,Shipmans and the Jones, Were having a ball but we have not been paragliding or scuba […]

You thought buying a house in the UK was stressful

It’s 5.32am… I am sitting in the living area and have decided to write what it going through my head. We arrived in Turkey last night around 6.00pm and drove until it got dark. We are parked up in a truckers stop in the middle of nowhere. It’s a clear night out there and there […]

1 bus, 2 months in, 5 people… what's it like?

We are nearing the end of the first stage of our travels. Once we have completed the legals and bought the land in Brasov, we will move on down to southern turkey as quickly as we can to join up with a few families from St Albans that will be there for Oct half term. […]

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