A tourist in London

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Charlotte st. It’s 8.12am. It’s weird, I’ve been a tourist, a person completely disconnected with a city’s ways, many times. This time it’s different, I still feel disconnected; but I’m in London. I arrived yesterday morning. I flew in from 36 degrees in Bucharest and went straight to […]

Runescape and football

“Dad Dad!” “What Angus?” “Someone’s hacked my Runescape account?” “Shit!”. It used to be that real Dad’s used to teach their kids to play football or watch them at least on Sundays. ‘New Dad’ spends his time understanding, or at least I do – what Runescape is all about. Angus lives in an online world […]

The oil business

Now the land in Croatia has been sold, the knock on ripple effects (excuse the double pun) of the Tsunami are finally over. The decision to build a house on Vis in Croatia was taken shortly after arriving and finding the planning dept was closed…. a few weeks after arriving in Egypt… and finding the […]

We’re not ready…

11/06/2006 We left England in that American camper van on August 1st 2004…around 680 days ago. We explored our heads off for the first five months and planned to chill for the next 19. As you know the Tsunami changed all that and it never happened. The plan was always to come home to England […]

Half empty…half full

Half empty The house in the Shali where we are supposed to be living in Siwa needed major work doing to it before we could move in. After Christmas is was really difficult getting any workers to do… anything. The workers had no respect for me and did as they pleased… when they pleased. For […]

So put me on a Highway Part 2

We entered Bulgaria hoping to leave behind the corrupt policemen we met in Serbia who would ‘negotiate’ your fine for anything they could think of. We started driving around the Sofia ring road and… ‘WOOOOOWWWWWOOOOOOO’ A red light pulled the teachers van and our jeep over to the side of the road. One policeman went […]

So put me on a Highway, and show me a sign

D Day…December 2nd, 3.30am… Three continents, eight countries, 5,000 kilometres, and several breakdowns to cross by 20th December. The grease was still clean on the jeep as the front wheel bearings and new brake callipers had only been fitted the day before. The new engine and diff oil would not make all the difference… but […]

We (nearly) did it

It’s 5.30am and I’m on the ferry going to Split. I’ve done this trip probably twenty times this summer. Today the ferry is not the usual one… it’s the little one they bring out for winter, I’m the only foreigner on board. All the Europeans and Americans on the island have gone home for Christmas… […]

Pomalo Pomalo – Island life

They have a saying here on Vis… ‘Pomalo Pomalo’… little by little.They say you need to do things in this way on the island… or they don’t happen at all. We arrived in April… and this week we laid the first brick on our house… six months of Pomalo bloody Pomoloing and it’s now all […]

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