Sasha's email on the Tsunami

Hi Guys,
We are all alive with a few cuts and bruises. We were all having breakfast and chilling out when it happened, then my dad said run for your life. I knew he wasn’t joking because I saw a wave coming. We ran and we were dragged by a wave for about 300 metres. We held onto fridges and ovens for our lives. We climbed onto a house and then it collapsed so we ran for our lives again and climbed a rock. We were safe. We were then picked up by a tractor with a trailer and went to the nearest hospital and then slept the night were we were safe. We then got a helicopter to Ampara the highest point for miles around. We went to the hospital there and got are tetenes injections to kill any dieses.
We are now at someones house. A persons house who we had saved. We went to the British High Comission were they gave us a piece of paper to show who we are and now we need to call all the air lines to see which plane has spare seats. We should be back in England in under a week and we will come and see all of you at some point and we will be living with family.
Loads of love Sasha

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