Upate from Sasha in Egypt

Hi guys in Egypt were it is stinking hot, the water is dirty, the streets are dirty and the people hassle you until you buy something in there shop. Egypt is so cool the pyramids, tombs and the camels.
The Pyramids
Kate and her little sister Sophie rode on a camel to the pyramids while everyone else rode on a horse. It was so cool. The heat was unbearable the sun was on our backs the whole time there was no shade. We all pretended to be Lawrence of Arabia or Indiana Jones as for the mums they pretended to be Lara Croft. we traveled through and reached the pyramids we were hassled by about twenty people trying to sell us hats, postcards, scarabs, statues, drinks and many other tourist stuff. We headed to the Sphinx were there was even more hassle and preparations for the light and sound show later on that night. We back in the evening t watch and listen the Light and Sound Show. It was wicked we all got a mega big ice cream and the best seats. Coooooool!!!!!!!!!!
Valley of the Kings
Today we went to the Valley of the Kings it was so cool. We were not allowed to take pictures. That was a bit of a bummer because the tombs had hieroglyphs that were really good I was really surprised they were that well preserved after 4000 years. WE looked in three tombs I cant remember the names but here are some descriptions :
Mummy 1: Ramesses VI
Mummy 2: Paralyzed Pharaoh from Childhood.
Mummy 3: Seti 2nds Wife
We didn’t see King Tuts tomb though.

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