Weekend walk in Hungary

I traveled 16 hours home from Bucharest to Maramures on the train and the next day we headed to Hungary for a weekend with Suzy and her family. We drove for 4 hours to the Hungry border and only then… did Penny remember she had left Angus’s passport at home. Romanians can go to London without out a passport, but a kid from London is not allowed to leave Romania, without a passport. 8 hours of driving later we arrived as Suzy’s.

The cows shown in the pictures set above looked like they should have been from Lapland. We we’re introduced to some amazing Hungarian cooking, Hungarian goulash, in Hungary tastes just that little bit better. Suzy showed us around the distillery where she works and gave us lots of ideas for making out own alcohol for our guests in Breb and showed us how to make jam from plums without out using any sugar. The drive home was a bit quicker and a little less stressful:)

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