Three weddings and a funeral.

I was asked to cover the royal wedding for a Romanian newspaper. We arrived in London. ‘We need to meet the Cheeky girls now’ The reporter said loudly in the hotel reception ‘After, I want to see condom town’. ‘It’s Camden Town’ I said Here they come, the bride and groom. Get ready, focus and…the […]

I like women, I love women: I want her!

A friend of mine come over to Bucharest last weekend. We did as we always do, and said we’d have a quite one. Around 8.00pm we headed out to check out the London Pup, a large establishment out of town a bit that has a huge permanent sign over the door saying “Party animals welcome”. […]

5 houses in 4 months

A Tale from Transylvania. The video was shot two years ago but I have only just finally finished editing. The story is about how we had to get the roofs on 5 houses before the winter snows. We had 4 months to do it – did we make it in time?

Weekend walk in Hungary

I traveled 16 hours home from Bucharest to Maramures on the train and the next day we headed to Hungary for a weekend with Suzy and her family. We drove for 4 hours to the Hungry border and only then… did Penny remember she had left Angus’s passport at home. Romanians can go to London […]

Runescape and football

“Dad Dad!” “What Angus?” “Someone’s hacked my Runescape account?” “Shit!”. It used to be that real Dad’s used to teach their kids to play football or watch them at least on Sundays. ‘New Dad’ spends his time understanding, or at least I do – what Runescape is all about. Angus lives in an online world […]

Dancing with the Gypsy's

After picking up Helen Grossman, a friend from the UK from Cluj Napoca Airport we went and did a bit of exploring in a remote gypsy village on the way to Breb. Have a look at the pics below. .

In need of slight renovation

On Sunday I found the time to do a little bit of exploring with a guy I know in Baia Mare. “We go where no tourist go.” he said “Must people in Baia Mare never hear of this place, and they never been here” When we arrived after bumpy up a dusty track for half […]

The Willie Monster

We arrived in Breb, our little medieval village, tucked on the end of the Carpathian mountains in Northern Transylvania on May 12th 2009. “Daddy” Claudia said “ Will there be any water in the house when you arrive?” “No” “Shower” No” “ washing machine” No Toilet” Um sort of Claudia” Claudia smiled that ‘ only […]

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