Tourist Villa, 400 sqm, in prime Shali location

The Siwa Villa used to charge £800 ( sterling) pp per week, way back in 2010. It was completely restored/built from scratch in 2005. We ran a successful tourist business from here for many years billing over £25,000 a year from just this house. That’s a 25% or more return on your investment each year. Now tourism is back again in Egypt, it is possible once again.

The Siwa Villa was designed and built for groups of up to 10 people. The beds, wardrobes etc are all indestructible. Families and party groups will not affect the house, it is designed to cope with them. You will be able to book and bill good rates from day one with this property. 

24 – five-star reviews for the Siwa Villa on Trip Advisor. When you purchase the house I will transfer this profile to you. You have an up-and-running tourist business with great reviews, ready to go.

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