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Western Desert Safari

A Western Desert Safari can be a few hours hammering out in the dunes in a beaten up land cruiser to a 20 days exploration of Gilf Kebir. It can be a great adventure or a time of reflection and personal thought as you walk through the nothingness alone. What ever the perfect desert safari is, I personally think it includes those sand dunes you saw in your encyclopedia when you were a kid; huge expanses of wave after wave of big sandy dunes holding timeless secrets of lost armies and where someone lost their watch last week;)

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Most time on a Desert Safari in Egypt is spent driving… on roads. Our model is different. We whisk you to Siwa in a fast Mini bus or if your smart… the normal bus which costs 65 egp so you can spend most of your holiday right out in the desert looning about over the dunes or exploring the many sites that are within a days safari from the villa. Each day can be completely different in all kinds of terrain visiting petrified forests, natural springs, huge dunes for sand boarding, fossil areas and so on. You spend as much time as you want out in the desert and stop and rest or swim as you please, it’s up to you.

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