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Sand Boarding Western Desert Egypt

Sandboarding in the Western Desert is one of the best places to sandboard in the world. The big dunes are west of Siwa. You need a jeep to get there, but you can walk to the edge of the oasis, takes about an hour and ride a large dune on the edge of the great sand sea. If you have a jeep, you can try out several different dunes for speed, banks and softness of the sand. sandboarding western desert siwa
Sand boarding in the Western Desert Egypt
sandboarding siwa We have the boots, we have the boards… 

We have a ramp and we have a jeep to take you to the dunes out on the edge of the Sahara desert. We have everything you need for a Sandboarding holiday. All you have, is no more excuses;)

sandboarding Siwa

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