Things to do in Blackpool vary from eccentric experiences to classy northern hospitality. You just need to know how to access it. We show you how.


It’s showtime all the time here in Blackpool.  Whatever kind of live entertainment you like, you will find it here. From watching ballroom dancing over afternoon tea to joining in with the largest Punk festival in Europe to… Pigeon week. – yes, I have no idea what they do in Pigeon week either, but they come in from all over the world and it’s massive. 

Funny Girls is a night out you will remember. And if we are not going to see a show, there is always Ma Kellys Clubs within walking distance of the house in both directions, open 365 days a year with live performances every night. 

You have more live entertainment shows to go to within walking distance of the house than you do anywhere in London.  If you love shows, you will love it. if you don’t go to shows, you will do when you get here. They are cheap to get in to and really good shows. You will see for yourself when you arrive. 


The Brits are famous for it. And Blackpool is famous for it within Britain. If you want to tick the ‘I partied in England like a Brit’ box – this is the town to do it in.  We have 100s of bars within walking distance of the house. From £1.60 a pint pubs to very classy places in Lytham that is 20 mins door to do from the house. Live music in pubs, rock pubs, Cocktail bars, Queen St… it’s all here and pumping to the early hours every weekend. 

Don’t worry it’s a good 15-minute walkway from where you will be living and you will not hear the noise from the house. 


If you are staying for a month, we have put together a deal with a local horse riding stables where you can learn to ride whilst staying in Blackpool. I will add details here once they are confirmed.  There are many stables within a 20-minute bike ride of the house and bridleways where you will go out and ride in the English countryside. 


Been to Hampstead or Dulwich Village in London? Lytham is like that but on the beach – 20 mins from the digital nomad house. Drinks are not £1.60 here like in our local pub, they are normal crazy UK prices, but for at least one or two nights in your month’s stay in Blackpool, it’s worth experiencing a classy evening out in the wine bars, pubs and restaurants of Lytham. On Sundays hire a bike and cycle there to read the newspapers in one of the many cafés along the beachfront or the High St

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poulton le fylde

Poulton le Fylde is a very nice little English Village. We do a day out here once a month walking in the local countryside ending up with a bit of a pub crawl in the village before getting the 5 min train ride back to Blackpool. 


England is famous for its countryside. Castles, country estates like Downton Abby and the village pub. It’s all here in Lancashire and we will take you there over your month’s stay by walking through the fields and exploring different places each weekend.

I am building up a library of local guide books on the countryside where you can read the history of Lancashire from Roman times through to the Industrial Revolution and then go and visit the places you have read about. 


If you play Golf you are in for a treat. We have 36 golf courses within half an hour by public transport from crazy golf to the Royal Lytham Golf Course.


Stanly Park in Blackpool is a 15 mins walk from the house . It is a classic Victorian Park with a boating lake, a bandstand with live music and a cricket ground. The Art Deco tea house is great for relaxing in or working from if you want a change of scene. 

There is a skate park and a BMX park if you have your wheels with you. We hire longboards, not skateboards but I might get a few in if anyone is interested. 


Blackpool Zoo. You can hang out with the Elephants that live in a 30-acre park. 


Gym Bunny? We have a great gym called Bannatyne with all kinds of classes, pool, sauna, steam room etc 5 mins from the house for £30 for a whole months membership.

There is Sand Castle Water Park just down the road, it’s the largest in the UK. For £16 a day you get all the Spa services plus some of the craziest water rides you will have ever seen. 

There are nail parlours, hairdressers, you name it’s here and a choice of 10 all within walking distance of the house.

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