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Siwa Oasis is an amazing place. I have traveled to a lot of places and I have never seen anywhere like it. It has a rare blend of life not changing for thousands of years, yet just just enough to allow you to walk around through it with out upsetting and disturbing it’s flow.

Have a look at the different pages within the Siwa Oasis section by clicking on the links above to see what there is to do on your holiday whilst staying in Siwa below are some facts on the oasis.

Siwa Oasis has a population of around 27,000 spread out around the villages in the oasis, but mainly in the town of Siwa. Due to the number of children in each family averaging between 7 and 15 children, this number is on the increase. There are 11 tribes in Siwa, all Berber except for one Bedouin tribe in the village of Ba El Din where our sand dunes are.

For more information on the people of Siwa see ‘The Locals’ page in this section

Siwa is changing. The road that connected Siwa to the outside world came in twenty years ago and the effect of the increase in travelers and more importantly. TV… are having an effect on the local ways… but they as of yet, have not changed, making it a fascinating place to come and explore.

… and that’s just the people.

Siwa Oasis is that oasis in your picture book when you where a kid. The palm tree, the lakes, the stunning views, the Bedouin tent… and those huge, huge sand dunes that go on for ever…it’s all here.

It’s also cheap to eat out and get around in. You can hire bicycles for 10 egp a day and have a good meal in a restaurant for 30 egp.

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