By car - Cairo / Alexandria / Marsa Matruh / Siwa

Road trip through the desert

Hiring a car in Egypt is not easy, they assume we cannot drive… but chauffeur driven cars are easy to book for us here in Siwa and the easiest way to come down to Siwa.

Cairo is 800kms but don’t let this put you off. The road is good all the way with little traffic at all times of the day once your out of Cairo and it is an easy and pleasant journey to travel. You have three options on how to get to Siwa Oasis.

Air Conditioned People Carrier

This is what most guests who stay with us come to Siwa in. They are fast, travelling at 140kms an hour and have enough space for every one to spread out and sleep, read a book or watch a movie.

Air Conditioned Car

If there is just two of you are car is cheaper and quicker reaching Cairo in 6 hours. A car does not have the space of a people carrier but if you don’t want to sleep is the quickest way of doing the journey.

Air Conditioned Coach

If there 10 of you and you’re coming fully loaded with bags etc, a small coach is the best option. We can get a 22 seater coach for you, all included if your on one of our all inclusive tours. This gives most people two seats to lie down on, sleep or watch the world go by as you count the camels you see or play “Eye spy beginning with S”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Internet speeds in Egypt when staying in hostels, budget hotels and co working spaces vary, but in general they provide the cheapest package from there ISP to cover all guests even if that’s more than 50 people. The speeds vary from nothing to 2mbs. For simple browsing and the non critical Skype calls it is fine if you are working at non busy times of the day or Friday. But it’s not reliable. No one sees the need for back ups when the power goes down for lighting, let alone the internet.

We are in the process of contacting all co working spaces in Egypt to get a better idea of what is available here for digital nomads looking to work and travel in Egypt for a few months and will add the link here when it is done.

We have 10 mbs + & 3G back up here in Siwa.

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