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Abu Sharoof

In Siwa town, all the donkeys are male, all the donkeys in Abu Sharoof are female, so now and again the girls there need a boy donkey to keep the next generation in place. Hence, if someone says ” You’ve been to Abu Sharoof” with a wicked smile, your little secret is out 🙂

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A visit to Abu Sharoof is well worth the effort. They do not get many visitors there, even from Siwans, so a bunch of foreigners turning up on some bikes is a big deal. if you cycle there, it is quite easy to find, cross the lake on the Moses road and turn right. If you go to far you will end up in Baharyia. Make sure your bike is good before setting out. They cost nothing to rent, but… well you get what you pay for, so hire a bike the day before and if it’s all still working around Siwa, then your should be Ok. If you are staying on one of our all inclusive holidays or renting the whole villa, we can take your there in our jeep if you want and hang out with the locals or go swimming with the fish in the fresh water spring there.

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