I started out in life as a freelance paparazzi photographer ending up working full time for the Sun newspaper in London before going freelancing for women’s magazines. In 1995 I discovered the Internet and by 2001 had my own interactive advertising agency in Smith Field Market in London (the sign ‘Channelbay’ is still there). I loved the rat race, until I didn’t – and now I love what we are doing with Coworking / Coliving Somewhere Different in Egypt and England.


Once I get an idea in my head, I stick with it until it’s done. Hence what we are doing. It was just and idea, but it wouldn’t go away and so for the last ten years we have worked hard to set up our Somewhere Different offering for you to enjoy digital nomad’s life.

Now that Somewhere Different became a successful co-working / co-living space for like minded community of people, I love living the ‘simple life’ and driving my jeep out in the deserts of Siwa Oasis! I am currently writing a book on our adventures called ‘Living Somewhere Different’ and will hopefully be publishing it soon.

My jeep in Siwa is an original Toyota Land Cruiser. It took a few years, but I now know how to drive in the dunes and more importantly, which way leads back to the oasis. I look forward to taking you out into the dunes and show you a place like no other.

In 2004 I started to keep a diary of my travels, I lost 150 pages of what at the time was my most treasured possession in the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. I even went to see a psychotherapist to understand how it would affect my children.

We were told ‘ If you can, replace everything you lost – it will take away a lot of the anger, it’s easier for you than a lot of people as you have not lost any of your children’. She asked me what was the one thing I would love to have back if I could get it.

‘All the video I shot and… my diary.’

‘Well’ she said ‘ You can’t get your video back, but you could rewrite your diary and turn it into a book, for a start, your story just got a little bit more interesting with what you have just been through’.

1000 pages later I have finished my book. It’s called Somewhere Different – The journey. I just have to finish editing it and get it off to the publishers. Hopefully you will be able to read it in our co-working space soon!

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