The Siwa Team

Who does what in Siwa?

Somewhere Different is a community-driven co-living / co-working space run by Duncan Ridgley – an Englishmen, who found himself in Egypt one day and fell in love with Siwa Oasis. Duncan designed and built the villas and once they were up and running, built a team of locals to provide the level of service he would expect for himself as a digital nomad around the globe. As the Siwa Villa was his first co-living project to go live, he spent over a year training the new staff ensuring the level of service he wants was established and everything runs as well as it possibly can.

Duncan has purposely tried to build a team of people that are very reliable and enthusiastic about what they do yet at the same time, not over keen and who will let you get on with your digital work without them fussing and constantly asking you if everything is OK.

We have produced a little profile on each member of the team that you can view from the links above.

When Somewhere Different Community takes off to wander around Egypt on weekends, we have several people in different locations that help us provide the excellent experience we want for our guests. Without this extended team, we would not be able to gain the same access to services and people’s homes as we do here in Siwa.

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